240v switch for Wall Air Conditioner

Does anyone know of a 240v switch or other means to control an old 240 volt Air conditioner?

Are you in the US?

If you just want on/off, see the following thread:

Aeotech has a 220v Zwave switch rated at 30-40A.

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I am using this for my 4500W water heater tank. I run it on 240V with ground, no neutral. L1, L2, GND.

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This product: Enerwave ZWN-RSM1S Z-Wave
You can buy Amazon

That is a single pole relay. So it all depends on the location of the OP - he hasn’t yet specified where he is.

In the UK, 220V is provided as a single phase, single line (L1 + N) source. In the US, 240V is provided as a single phase, dual line plus, optionally, a null. (L1 + L2[ + N]). Null is not normally required in 240V operation. I base my assumption on the fact that the OP mentioned 240V, not 220V.

Now, about that device, while it can accept up to 277V, it is a single pole relay, which means it will only interrupt one of the two lines, while the second lines will always be HOT at the A/C. Plus, it can only take 10A, so the OP needs to make sure he’s within the limit. It looks more like a device designed to complement a wall switch.

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Thanks everyone! Great suggestions here. I will start with the Aeotech solution.