220V smart outlet

I live in the US and I’ve got an old in wall air conditioner that runs on 220V. It is not using a typical outlet, but an appropriate outlet for 220v (it looks slightly different than the regular). I would like to be able to control this air conditioner (the outlet to which it is connected) but I can’t to find any. Does anyone make them suitable for an air conditioner (heavier load)?

Enerwave used to make one for the previous version of zwave, but it’s been discontinued and they haven’t brought out a new Z wave plus version yet. :disappointed_relieved:

However, there are a number of in wall relays which can be used to gain control of a higher load outlet. See the following discussion (this is a clickable link)

Thanks for such a quick response JD.

I was also looking at aeotec micro switch g2, but I don’t think (more so my wife) is comfortable enough to install something like that with a heavier load item such as an air conditioner. I think I’ll screw something up and my building will burn down. So there isn’t anything made specifically for my purpose? I’d hate having to buy a new ‘smart’ air conditioner, especially when the one that I have works perfectly. But I will do a bit more research on micro g2.

Thanks again.

Your wife is wise: the aeotec micro G2 only supports up to 10 A. Not what you need. You need to read the specs carefully on all of these.

If you click on the link I gave you in my previous post, that lists 4 different devices which are spec’d for higher loads and are fine for controlling air conditioners or hot water heaters. ( again, check the specs for each.) One of those is an Aeotec “heavy duty” module, which would work fine and is usually the least expensive of those four options.

Many people unfamiliar with these type of devices tend to gravitate towards the GE heavy duty switch, just because, hey, GE. That one doesn’t go in the wall, you end up with a big box with a button on it, but it looks industrial and can make people feel more comfortable.

The in wall devices that are heavy load devices are just as good, so it’s up to you. But definitely click on that link and look at the devices there. :sunglasses: