208/230v Wireless Outlet

I live in an old apartment building with a through the wall HVAC unit. I would like to be able to use a remote sensor to create a virtual thermostat (of which ST is capable) but the plug is 208/230v. Does anyone know of a compatible wireless outlet?

Note - here is an image of the outlet style with horizontal prongs:

Thanks for the help!

The only 240V compatible device I have seen to date is the Intermatic CA3750, which would involve some wiring on your part as it is just a box with relay contacts (screw terminals). I use one of these to control an electric water heater, and works great.

BTW, these devices are discontinued, but still available here.

Does your AC unit have an infrared remote?

If so, according to this post:

the ZXT-120 may work for you to control your AC unit

I appreciate the help! I am not sure I trust myself to do the wiring without burning down my apartment building so I’ll wait for a more consumer-ready outlet to become available.

My AC unit is a (relatively new) Frigidaire with a remote control. I tried using my phone (HTC M8 with an IR blaster) to roll through codes but I could not get them to match. I’m open to alternative recommendations/suggestions (and/or other IR blaster products because this one appears discontinued).

Check out ThinkEco’s smart AC. Not an open API but looks like there are hacks on Github. I considered getting this but needed more control. My unit is combined heating and cooling. Aeon has a new heavy duty smart appliance switch, just becoming available now. It’s a simple wiring job with optional ground and neutrals.