2019: UK Zwave Light Switch iTecHome (no neutral required): any reviews?

iTecHome. Is a new UK company offering a Z wave based system which includes an all-in-one replacement light switch. It doesn’t require a neutral, but you do have to also install their optional bypass to make it work, very similar to the Fibaro micro except this is an all in one that includes the wall switch as well. The switch is fairly expensive at 59 pounds, but given that it’s on all in one, that might be OK.

It was mentioned in another forum thread, but I haven’t been able to find any professional reviews of it.

Anybody have any experience with this?

LightwaveRF offers an all-in-one switch which does not require a neutral, but it uses its own proprietary frequency and you have to use IFTTT or a “man in the middle“ server“ to get it to work with smartthings.

The iTecHome line is just a Z wave device which would connect directly to the SmartThings UK frequency hub. (Not available for other regions.)

Also, I can’t find any Z wave certifications for this company, so I’m guessing these are rebranded OEM products.

If anyone actually has one, can you look at the information on the back and get us a picture of that so we can figure out who the manufacturer is.

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Certainly promising by there blurb, not creating yet another proprietary zwave standard helps hugely, all there kit works with current zwave products all be it with caveats

I just wish someone would create a zwave room thermostat that looks like a stock no program no timer thermostat with a decent display and up down for temp… and that fits a standard uk gravity fed heating system, everything out there is wayyy overkill for a simple direct replacement of a standard room stat

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double light switch

These exist if you have a neutral at the switchbox. There’s even one on the official “works with SmartThings list,” the one from Neo coolcam.

The one they show on the list is the US model, which is stretched, but there is a European model as well.

Make sure you get the EU Z wave version, not the Wi-Fi version.

Popp/Devolo also make one which requires a neutral that some community members are using.

If you need something that doesn’t require a neutral, then light waveRF is a possibility, but the only integration is through IFTTT. (You have to get the second generation devices which also work with HomeKit in order to update SmartThings status when someone presses the switch on the wall. You also need their “link” device.) Those are nice looking, but quite expensive. Select the models carefully: they are reducing prices on their first generation devices right now, but those are only one way communication.

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I’ve a few z-wave one’s but only in the newer bit of the house

Hi did you find any more info about this switch because I have just bought the all in one PIR zwave PIR/temp/lux £40 it’s gone onto the ST as a neo coolcam sensor with no Temp sensor? Cheers