2019 QLED not responding in Smartthings

I purchased a 2019 QLED TV and performed the setup. I signed into my Samsung account and the TV got added to Smartthings

I checked the Smartthings Classic app and found the TV got added to the wrong location. It was added to a 2nd location created by Samsung / Smartthings account migration a while ago. I don’t use this location and don’t have any devices. I verified I can turn the TV on and off through the app.

I deleted the 2nd location from the IDE page, reset the TV and did the entire setup again. This time the TV did get added to the correct location. However, I cannot control it. Trying to turn it on or off does nothing. I tried resetting the hub and the TV twice.

The TV and the hub are using the same WiFi and Samsung account.

Anyone know why I cannot control the TV any longer?

UPDATE: I installed the Samsung Connect app and setup the TV successfully. The Classic app did not work. In the Connect app I’m able to control all functions of the TV. The new issue now is that Alexa is unable to turn TV on or off. TV was discovered in Alexa but cannot be controlled. In the Classic app I see the device received commands from Alexa but since Classic app can’t turn TV on or off neither can Alexa.

@jdroberts I saw your post below. What would be your advice? Thanks.