Samsung Qled 2020 smartthings app

Having the new samsung qled tv, with smartthings app, also have hub etc…
However, on the tv, no devices show up, but logged in to same samsung account as my hub.
It gives me a message to cycle my scenes to make devices visible.
What does this mean, i rarely uses scenes at all, but have 2 scenes, and no option to cycle them.

Anyone encountered this?

Could a second location have been created when you added the tv? If there is more than one location, try changing locations to see if the devices appear.

that was my first thought, so i checked that, but no, only 1 location in my smartthings.
Had one extra before, when smartthings accounts migrated to samsung accounts.
But thats deleted for some time ago, so no other locations.
Still a mystery…

Anyone know/seen this?

Anyone find a solution for this yet?