QLED Tizen Smart TV (QN65Q80RAFXZC) integration with Alexa and Google Home


I just got my new TV expecting to control it with either Alexa or Google Home (through SmartThings).

I add it to my SmartThings location and I can control the TV properly. However, when I add it to either Alexa or Google Home, it seems that neither of them can perform any command on the TV.

Contacting Samsung Support of the TV, it does not help at all since they just answer reading the feature description of the TV. No troubleshooting has been done from them at all to assess the problem.

So, Does anyone here has looked at the integration between the device handler “Samsung OCF TV” and Aleza or Google Home?


I have the same issue with a 2019 Q70R TV. I have a ticket open with Smartthings but no resolution yet. Did you have any luck?

Hi @nycjoker.

It seems that this integration works depending in what ‘servers’ your location has been created (in my case it was NA02).

In order to solve the problem, they offer me to create a new location on NA04. And yes, I need to move EVERYTHING MANUALLY to the new location… I am still on this task btw, but the integration with alexa and google home works properly.

Hope this helps!

I’m on 02 as well. That’s pretty crazy. What’s involved in the move? How are you moving devices to 04?

Actually an smartthings support guy created a new location on NA04, and then I need to move everything to this new location.

Basically you need to remove all devices on NA02 (make sure you follow the right process depending on the device) , then add them back to the new location on NA04, and then create all the automation again… Yes, this is painful :frowning: