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2018 - Current: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Z-wave+ Shades & Bali Autoview Z-wave+ Shades


(Adam) #281

I’m having difficulty controlling my shade via Google Home. I’ve successfully reconnected it manually to my ST hub via the Springs Window Fashions DH but it does not show up in the Google Home app. I’ve re-linked to ST and the re-import also did not make the shade show up.

What do I need to do? I’m holding off on buying more shades until I can get this properly working. Any advice?

(Neal ( / #282

Do the following, official DH doesn’t offer support for voice.

(Greg R) #283

After doing a bit of research it looks like the HomeSeer Z-Flash kit is the most widely available - if not the only - way to update z-wave firmware on smarthings networks. I bought my system from a local dealer and it’s unlikely he’s going to know how to do this in the near-term… could you make the file available when you get it so I and others could DIY flash our blinds using this kit?

(Neal ( / #284

There are certain limitations, I’ll send a PM with more details.

(Adam) #285

Success! I’ve gotten voice control to work now. Thanks!

I also found my upper/lower limits weren’t right anymore so adjusted them per your youtbube video. Unfortunately, in setting the upper limit, I didn’t stop it in time and it over-rolled with too much tension. So, I used the down button to inch the shade to a good position. But in doing so, I think I messed up the upper-limit setting. The shade was flashing red and I had to manually press the button on the shade to get it to stop blinking.

Then the remote became unresponsive most of the time. I tried to re-pair it a couple of times by doing the button press with the paperclip tap and holding the blinds button until it jogged. But still is unresponsive (maybe more so).

Any idea how to get the remote working again and on track to reset my upper and lower limits?

(Vince) #286

Update on the below. I celebrated too early. Switching away from WebCore fixed things for a few days. I’m now getting similar issues as before but much less often. I’m hoping the firmware update resolves the problem.

(Neal ( / #287

General update on the OTA. We have started internal testing. Will have an update in a week or so. Might also need a few volunteers later to do an initial batch of updates. Will send an email to everyone who submitted the form once it’s at that stage.

(Neal ( / #288

Will have an update on the firmware status by the end of this week.

Sale update! 40% off all motorized shades! Expires Sept 25, 2018.
Since current lead times are at approx 4 weeks, we decided to offer prices better than Black Friday for any SmartThings users now. Until the end of the day September 25, 2018, the SmartThings coupon will discount 40% off all z-wave shades, non-z-wave motorized shades and motorized skylight shades.

A discount this big won’t be available again (even on Black Friday, it’s usually a bit lower than 40%). There are one or two non-zwave shades that the code won’t work on.

(Nathan Curtis) #289

I see what you did there. We come for the firmware, we leave buying more shades… That’s OK - I need to get one soon anyway.

(Eric) #290

I’ve been lurking this thread for a while. I have some blinds doing the same. Didn’t buy from Zebra, but awaiting word on the fix.

Side note question. I have extra two button Graber remotes. Can I use them in ST to control other zwave devices??

(Nathan Curtis) #291

Eric - Yes - they can be added using a ZWave Somfy Remote DTH. It will make them show up as a 2 button controller which you should then be able to use in any button controller app or WebCORE…

I just threw together this quick piston to show what it would look like to respond to button 1 of one of my remotes…

(David) #292

Im not sure if you can in SmartThings because I switched over to Hubitat a few months back, but Hubitat does have a built in device handler specifically for these remotes. I mailed their developer team one of mine for dev and testing. Once they finished up the device handler they mailed it back to me!

(David) #293

Hi Neil, If we order blinds now, but we find out that the new firmware update doesn’t fix the issue, can we cancel the order for a full refund before they ship? I don’t need more blinds in my home that don’t work, but would like some additional ones if they do.

(Neal ( / #294

There is a DH on the first post of this thread. Just set it up for the remote and you are good to go. Just make sure the remote itself isn’t paired to a shade once it’s been added to ST or the shade will also start moving anytime you press a button.

(Neal ( / #295

Sorry, once the order enters manufacturing, next to impossible to cancel since at that point, we’re on the hook for the order with the manufacturer.

The firmware should fix the issue and so far that’s what it looks like, but we’re testing various different scenarios etc just to make sure. Testing with a small group of customers should start soon. Currently we’re just checking what the easiest way to get the update out to people without having to remove and re-pair everything.

(Brent Harris) #296

I need blackout roller shades that are 107" wide and 90" tall. The customize option on the website didn’t seem to have that size. Is there a hard limit to the maximum width?

(Neal ( / #297

For the roller z-wave motors the limit is in between 80 and 90 for the width depending on the fabric. You would need a blackout cellular shade for anything wider as a single shade. They can go up to 144".

(Neal ( / #298

Friendly Reminder, the 40% expires tonight.

OTA Update:
So far, the problem seems to be resolved. Everyone who submitted the form should expect an email by early next week asking for volunteers to basically do a small scale release for additional testing.

(Nathan Curtis) #299

I submit myself as tribute…

(Nate Schwartz) #300

I took advantage and ordered 10 motorized and a bunch of non-motorized last night. Cannot wait to get them! Thanks a lot.