Z-Wave + integrated blinds/shades: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Shades


My window is 93 inches wide and 34.5 inches tall.

I’d like to order motorized z-wave solar snow white shades that are “outside mounted”.

I checked the website and it seems that the limit that is set there is 89 inches. Is there any way I can get motorized shades for my too-wide window?

So, depending on the shade availability is as wide as 144".

In terms of the roller/solar shades only the light filtering roller shades can go as wide as you need:

Otherwise your options would be limited to the cellular shades or the roman shades:

Thank you for the response.

When I select “light filtering roller shades” I don’t have any option for material. Basically every material has this red “blocked” sign so I can not actually pick material and therefore I can not make an order.

Sorry about that, its a configuration issue. I’ve already put in a request to have it corrected and it should be working in 24 hours for that size.

When I pair the Smart Things to the blind, it shows up as an outlet. How do I get the blind to be a dimmer as shown in your videos?

  1. Go to https://graph.api.smartthings.com/
  2. Login and then click on My Locations, then click on your hub name.
  3. login again.
  4. Go to My Devices, then click on the device name for the shade
  5. Click on Edit, and under device type choose dimmer switch and save
  6. Enjoy!

Heh, I see they updated the web site, but not the way I’d like it to be updated.
Now I clearly see that I don’t have an option for solar shade that is 93". The max I can select now is 91" :frowning:

Should be resolved now. Some of the colors go up to 101" in width.

Offers and coupons have been updated. All motorized products are on sale, it’s window safety month. :grinning:

I also need new ideas for videos, so if anyone has questions or things they want to see just ask!

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Hey Neal, I was having a look at your website and had a question before pulling the trigger and placing my order: what is the difference between the FashionPleat and the EvenPleat? Both in 1 inch size?

The main difference between them is that the even pleat has small ladders on the back of the pleats ensuring the pleats open and close evenly. Fashion pleat doesn’t have these so when opening the pleat will seem to be uneven until it’s fully open or closed.

Thanks for the quick reply and clear explanation.
Now I need to see what the boss wants before placing the order :slight_smile:

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Neal When I try to add my new blinds to smart things, they come up as a zwave switch not a dimmer. I am new to this whole technology. How can I change this to a dimmer or what am I missing? All help is appreciated.

Please do the following: Z-Wave + integrated blinds/shades: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Shades

I subsequently saw your post above about how to change to dimmer switch which I did but my blinds are still not moving at all. Any ideas? I tried dimmer switch and zwave dimmer switch generic but neither one worked.

Got it!!! The blinds were too far away from my hub. Thanks :slight_smile:


I have been able to automate my blinds but one of them doesn’t respond. I have played with it but it won’t respond on the automation. I can get it to respond as a single device but not with all my other blinds. Any thoughts? I am wondering if there is something wrong with that Blind but it does respond as a single just not in automation with the others. I tried resetting and reassign and exchanging the battery pack but nothing has worked. Any ideas are appreciated.

If it responds as a thing but not in an automation it might just be an issue on ST’s side. Can you check with their support? Usually its a problem with the motor only if it doesn’t respond in ST at all. One more thing to check is if you have duplicate devices in ST, I know it’s happened to me before since exclude didn’t work properly the first time.

Okay. Thank you. Do you have a video on how to exclude? I just went into the website and removed it and then reset it but maybe I need to do something else?

Sorry about the late reply. Travelling currently with limited access to the internet. Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omuZdQ9gNFE&feature=youtu.be