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2018 - Current: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Z-wave+ Shades & Bali Autoview Z-wave+ Shades


(Benji) #261

That’s the puppy! Can that be offered in a solar blackout sheer shade?

(Neal ( / #262

The standard sheers (overture sheers as Graber calls them) is only available in room darkening at most the room darkening colors are quite limited in size. A darker colored fabric would also achieve similar results to the room darkening fabrics. If you need blackout and sheer I think a dual solar shade (so 2 separate rolls and motors) might be the only option where one is sheer and the other is blackout.

(Benji) #263

Fair enough, I guess this would be a subjective question but, how “dark” are the room darkening fabrics?

I guess the question is, would they be suitable for a bedroom?

(Neal ( / #264

That’s also relatively subjective. All I can really say is if you need your room to be as close to dark as possible to sleep, then Blackout is what you need.

Think of room darkening the equivalent of having ambient light from the flash on your phone being used as a torch.

(Benji) #265

Yeah this is going to be a difficult one to gauge… Do you happen to have any real world pics (again, I realise this is somewhat subjective too) of the overture sheer with room darkening fabrics?

Will one power adapter be able to power both blinds if doubled up?

(Neal ( / #266

I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find something to show the difference. These are the room darkening zebra sheer shades (not the z-wave ones) should give you a rough idea on what to expect. On the overtures you can expect a bit more light through due tot he vanes in between.

Each motor will require it’s own plugin so 2 power adapters.

(Benji) #267

I appreciate the details you’re going into!

Is there a sample fabric of the single/standard sheer “room darkening” blinds? Any off cut of the largest piece you have laying around, I’m just going to hold it up to the window to get a feel for it otherwise I’m going to have to double up on the blinds or something which sounds terrifyingly expensive…

(Neal ( / #268

I honestly wish there was. The sheer shades are one of the few shades where Springs (Graber’s Parent company) refuses to provide fabric for us to cut down (we’ve offered to purchase multiple times). It’s also the reason samples on those take about 2 weeks at a min to arrive vs 4 - 5 days for anything we ship.

Right now you would only receive a small piece of the fabric which might have 3 pieces of the vane at most.

(Benji) #269

Fair enough! Okay so can I go about getting one of those samples and how much does it cost :slight_smile:

(Neal ( / #270

Fabric samples are free, just open the product and click on the free sample button on top of the fabrics/colors you need and checkout once you’ve added everything.

(Benji) #271

Thank you for your help! I’ll get on that now!

(Vince) #272

Quick update on my (5) shades sometimes working and sometimes not. I removed Webcore and moved to routines within ST. So far, I have had no issues. I use Webcore for many other automations and they work flawlessly. I have been testing for a few days and have had no issues. I use the Homeseer In-Wall Multi-Tap Dimmer to control the routines. Different number of taps correspond to a different % open/close for the shades.

While testing Webcore, I did notice the Live Logging interface within the ST IDE would sometimes send two commands to individual shades. This would seem to cause the shade to slow when completing a task and come to a stop after ~10". The shade would then be unresponsive unless I used the the remote. Other times, Live Logging looked fine, but the same issue would be observed.

I am not sure if my issues are the same as the others, but I thought I would share.

(Neal ( / #273

That is pretty much the issue. When a second command is received, the roller motors think it’s being overloaded and the overload protection kicks in.

I thought routines also had the issue where a second command was sent sometimes. Can someone else check and comment back?

The firmware update should resolve it. Still waiting for the files to be provided.


Occasionally, ill get lucky and it will work for a day. But in general, I have issues with routines, webcore, custom smart apps, essentially any instance when commanding multiple shades simultaneously. looking forward to the firmware update :sunglasses:

(Neal ( / #275

I can’t wait either, especially since it looks like I am the only person even addressing this issue like it exists. A few people out there even managed to dig up my email and I get an email most days from people who aren’t receiving support from other dealers.


Well i certainly appreciate your efforts. My dealer was a box store… (will not be going that route in the future when I add more) so you can imagine the support i received when reporting the issue. Contacted springs directly and they tried to blame it on mesh strength. hows the testing going?

(Neal ( / #277

Still waiting on the files. Looks like it’s going to take the full 4 weeks. I will post as soon as I receive the files.

(Nathan Curtis) #278

Neal - do we have any indication as to the method that needs to be used to flash them? (read: Do I need to go ahead and order something now to be able to load the firmware when it comes out or will Graber be providing anything?)

(Neal ( / #279

It really depends on the file type they end up giving us. For customers who purchased from us we will ship any additional hardware needed for the OTA, and just ship them between each customer. We don’t expect you to purchase anything. For customers who purchased from other sources… No idea yet.

Support of OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave / Z-Wave Plus devices
(Neal ( / #280

Discount updated. Also there seems to be another flash coupon in the system which is targetted, but, wasn’t restricted to the customers who it was sent to. So, feel free to use it:

Coupon: Flash5Sept918
Save up to an additional 5%, combines with all other discounts and coupons that you can apply. Expires Sept 9, 2018, 11:59PM EST
Also I think there is a min value of $200 required, not sure though.

So use coupons: SmartThings and Flash5Sept918 for up to 37% off.

Finally, for those looking for basic automation at an affordable price and unfortunately no direct ST integration (it’s currently a workaround and not for the faint of heart), we have released motorized roller, solar, zebra sheer and standard sheer shades at extremely affordable prices. Our own controller is expected to come out later next year with IFTTT support, however, until then, they can be connected to a Broadlink Rm Pro, for scheduling as well as basic voice control through Alexa or Google Home.

Basic Feature Set:

  • Comes with an integrated space saving lithium Ion battery which lasts between 6 - 12 months depending on use. Recharge takes about 6 hours, you simply plug it in with the included cable. The battery is rated for 500 recharges, so, more than our lifetime. Also since it’s space saving, it takes no additional space compared to the regular versions.
  • Available with a single channel remote for free, a 6 channel remote for $10 and 16 channel for $20.
  • Has 4 intermediate positions, so, you have flexibility in where you want the shade to automatically stop at.
  • Quiet operation
  • Industry standard 5 year warranty on the motor and fabric
  • After discount shades start from as low as $190 in the US

This is a quick video showing the motor being paired to a broadlink rm pro:

Product Links: