Graber Virtual Cord Shades: Z-Wave+ (Coupons)

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This post will be kept up to date with various deals and coupons in relation to post above. Did not want to clutter it with coupon related info.

35% off on all Z-wave shades without coupon + 5% off with coupon: SmartThings + $20 off every motorized Graber product in your shopping cart (Expires Nov 24, 2017)
Coupon for 5% off: SmartThings
35% discount + $20 discount auto applied by website.

35% off on Z-wave and Non-Motorized Graber Roller/Solar Shades (Expires Nov 24, 2017)
Discount is auto applied in your shopping cart. There is no coupon to apply.

Motorized Blinds & Shades Website Discount: Up to 35% off all MOTORIZED PRODUCTS (expires Nov 24, 2017)
Currently we are offering up to 35% off on all motorized products. Cannot be combined with coupon codes.
Z-wave Integrated Virtual Cord Shades

30% off on Skylight Motorized Cellular Shades (expires Nov 24, 2017)
Website discount on these. Officially supports use only through included remote. They can be integrated with SmartThings but it is complicated. You will need a Broadlink RM Pro and the following integration to make it work: Broadlink RM2 compatibility (bridges 433 MHz and 315 MHz )

For large purchases ($5000 or more) something slightly better might be possible. PM me for details.


Hmm how have i not stumbled across this company in all my research of smartblinds?! these looks like some great prices!

They literally just added the Z-wave line. See the linked discussion above.


Yep, we just added the Z-wave line 6 days ago :joy:

Quick question - the site says “Shades can be conveniently operated from virtually anywhere in the home, up to 65 feet”, if they are using ZWave connected to ST why couldn’t I open them from anywhere (in or out of the house)? What am I missing? Is that line specifically for use of the remote?

That is with the included remote. Once connected to ST the limitation is gone.

Awesome! Thanks for clarifying. Seriously considering so I will be in touch because I have 21 windows in the house!

Looking forward to it :grin:

Bummer that the sliding panel shades aren’t also z-wave optionable!

We are working on expanding the z-wave line, just no ETA.

Also guys for questions, discussion and anything related please post in the following post: Z-Wave + integrated blinds/shades: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Shades

Helps keep all the info in one place and this thread for pricing updates.

Maybe one of the admins can move these product related questions over to that thread, sorry! @April @slagle

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Hi There,

Are these available in the UK by any chance? and can they work with existing shades i.e. provide ability to velcro the existing shades to the new motors?

Unfortunately the motors are not available for purchase separately, also it only supports the North American Z-wave standard.


Thanks for the prompt response.

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Any new discounts for August??? Also for best energy use would you recommend the double layer or the solar plus?

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I should have an update on Monday or Tuesday. That’s usually when our offers are updated and I also know if any special discounts can be provided.

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Discounts are updated. The additional 3% off is back for 1 more week + the manufacturer rebate will be available until Aug 31. Any orders placed after the 31st is not eligible for the manufacturer rebate.

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Just a quick update, the manufacturer rebate program from the coupons thread expires tomorrow at 11:59pm Eastern Time. Any order placed after that is not eligible.

Any discounts coming in september? I just missed the manufacturer rebate I am looking to buy 6 blinds. Thanks

Manufacturer rebate won’t be available until next year I believe. In terms of discounts I can get you an additional 3-4% off on top of the existing 7% on the site. But once the coupon is generated it will expire in 24 hours, so just pm me when you need it.