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2018 - Current: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Z-wave+ Shades & Bali Autoview Z-wave+ Shades


(Neal ( / #241

Not yet, should have an update from Graber by the end of Next week.


After pairing the blinds with Smartthings can I still use the Multi channel remote? Can not find any documentation on how to pair the remote. Also is there a way in Smartthings to adjust the upper/lower limit?

(Neal ( / #243

Yes there is. I will post the manual and info tomorrow don’t have access to it righ tnow.

(Neal ( / #244

Here is the instruction manual:

Go to page 33. For upper and lower limits it would have to be using the remote. So after page 33 go to page 14. The page numbers are not the PDF page numbers, rather the page number on the document itself.


@ZebraBlinds Thanks Perfect got that all working. Now my only two issues are that I have the layered shades:

  1. It’s seems impossible to adjust them to an open % that allows me to see out and touch of button open % that changes to privacy.

  2. Both blinds are next to one another on a large window and go up and down at different speeds so keeping them aligned is impossible.

(Neal ( / #246
  1. For the layered shades you should have the 3 button remotes. Best thing to do would be set the home button to an open position. The biggest issue when they are moved into ST is that the remotes respond slower compared to when connected directly to shades so it will take some timing to get the up/down button operation right.

  2. Are they both the same size? Also once again the best option might be setting the home position.

(Neal ( / #247

Just a general update on some of the shades having the stopping issue. I wasn’t able to get in touch with my contact today since I was mainly away from a means of getting in touch with them before the left the office for the day (I’ve been away for the past 2 days). I will have an update for Monday, or Tuesday the latest.

(Vince) #248

I recently purchased five of the zwave roller shades. I have a mutli-tap HomeSeer hs-wd200 wall button that I have connected to SmartThings/Webcore. Depending on the number of taps, Webcore tells the shades to open/close to a certain %. Sometimes everything works well for a day or two, then one or two shades will stop working. I can use the 2 button remote to open/close the problematic shades, then Webcore seems to work again (for a while). Then, the issue repeats. The Webcore logs all complete normally. I’ve attached a simple version of the piston that is tied to the switch. I ungrouped the five shades and set the levels to 0/100% while troubleshooting. It seemed that when they were grouped and I used open/close, I would run into problems more often (could be wrong).

I did run into issues initially adding some of the shades to Smartthings. I would run the zwave repair program and one or two of the shades would report back that it was unable to update the route. The repair is clear now, but if there’s a shade with an issue, the repair will usually report the route issue. I have devices further away from the hub that do not encounter any issues. The shades are also within 15 feet of the wall powered switch which should be repeating the signal. I have about a dozen total devices.

Any ideas that might help?

(Nathan Curtis) #249

Read up this thread - it sounds like the same problem many of us have reported… We’re waiting on an update from @ZebraBlinds sometime this week… (see the post just above yours)

(Neal ( / #250

Latest update.

Updated motors expected at the end of this month/early next month. I should be provided with OTA firmware update files over the coming 2 - 4 weeks (that was the time frame given). Once files are provided we’re going to do some additional testing at Zebra then provide a means for the OTA since ST doesn’t support Z-wave OTA currently.


Neal, I’m assuming this update isn’t meant to address the battery drain issue, right? Since I started keeping track of my battery replacements I realized that most of mine need to be replaced about every 2 weeks …

(Neal ( / #252

Can you get in touch with our support team? Need to schedule a support/troubleshooting session with Graber. There is a fix for it.

(Benji) #253

Are these solar powered yet? I never want to make the mistake of buying these without solar power again.

If not, what’s the input voltage needed? I’m not able to measure my own ones because they’re 18ft up in the air and I have to rent a 14’ ladder, plus work out the logistics of transporting said ladder…

(ruefy) #254

Any update on the battery drain issue?

I have 3 wired blinds (since they were draining quickly) and 3 large blinds that are still on batteries. Of the three on batteries only one blind has the drain issue where batteries will die in <3 weeks and the others last for many months.

From what I can tell the one blind dying quickly is constantly pinging the zwave network or acting as a repeater even though it isnt plugged in as I was out of town the last two weeks and came home to a dead blind even though it had never been used over that time.

Any help would be appreciated if someone has solved the issue.


(Neal ( / #255

Not solar powered yet. The transformer provides up to 15v at 1.6amps.

(Neal ( / #256

If you bought them from us please email support, they will open a case with Graber for trouble shooting. There is a fix for it, however, only advanced tech at Graber can provide it.

(ruefy) #257

Hi Neal,

Unfortunately I didnt buy them from you as they are Bali brand ordered in a store. You helped me out last year getting the wire kit for the 3 other blinds which worked for those but these 3 left are not in a location where they can be wired and I am only fighting one of the three blinds.

Is there a support line you recommend I contact direct at Graber or any options you recommend as the big box store I bought them at definitely is not help as they wouldnt know where to begin?


(Neal ( / #258

Can you try and find your Springs order number and send it to me (should be somewhere by the headrail) and I’ll put in a note on the order so they can get you to advanced tech. From what I remember most of the first line customer service has no idea about this and tends to give out wrong info (had that happen to a customer last week and I had to get involved).

(Benji) #259

Do you offer the single sheer blinds with the Z-Wave motor?

(Neal ( / #260

Not exactly sure which product you’re referring to.

Are you referring to solar shades? They would be a single piece of fabric that rolls up and down and have different levels of opacity ranging from 1 - 14%. They basically let you see through to whichever side is brighter, which also means you loose privacy at night (even on a 1%). You can find the solar shades here: and

The solar shades are also available as dual shades, which is basically 2 rolls, one blackout and the other solar:

The other sheer shade options are the zebra sheer which is 2 layers of alternating sheer and solid fabrics that align and break alignment as they go up and down and finally the standard sheer which is 2 sheer fabric layers with a solid vane in between. These can only be tilted open once the shade is lowered all the way down

Quick note, current lead times are extended and have been for the past 2 - 3 months. You’re looking at 3 - 5 weeks for delivery.