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2018 - Current: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Z-wave+ Shades & Bali Autoview Z-wave+ Shades


(Neal ( / #221

That’s something I have never heard of or seen an issue about (can’t find anything in our system). Try resetting the motor after bringing the shade about halfway down where it should be.

( #222

I reset it, unplugged it, then reset it again. It finally reset.

(Russell Rhodes) #223

I bought my graber sheer wave blinds controlled by zwave a few weeks ago. I have 8 shades in one room controlled by a single one channel remote. After I added to the zwave network, the upper and lower limits needs adjusting for each blind. Can I do that for each blind with the one channel remote - one at a time? Or do I need the small remote for each blind? I did not get the small remotes for each blind. Help!! All else is working great.

(Neal ( / #224

There is a way to do it. Don’t have the instructions on hand but I’ll send them for tomorrow.

(Russell Rhodes) #225

Very much appreciated!

(Russell Rhodes) #226

Any luck finding it? Thx!! Only asking because I am leaving the place where the blinds are today for a month!!

(Neal ( / #227

If your remote currently controls a group of shades, you’ll first need
to target the specific shade that you want to adjust the upper limit
for. To do that, perform the following steps first:

  1. On the remote, press and release the program button
    on the back. The remote LED will flash green.
  2. On the shade you want to adjust, press and hold the program
    button for 3 seconds. The shade LED will flash green and the shade will jog.
  3. Set upper/lower limit.

Even after you target a shade, all of the shades in the group
will still move with the remote. However, nontargeted shades won’t
accept the new upper limit until you target them specifically.

(Russell Rhodes) #228

Thanks - Graber also sent me something. Same as what you sent but with the extra step.After Step 2 you have to hold the up and down button till the light goes amber. Then set upper or lower limit. When done, hold up and down again till light turns amber, then you are done. Thx. It worked perfectly.

(Neal ( / #229

Ah, thought you already knew how to set it on the shades. Should probably have stated “Follow instructions to set upper/lower limit”

(Takis) #230

@ZebraBlinds hey Neal, i got my blinds and i am mostly happy with them but i have 2 questions:

  1. how do i use the remote to control other stuff? The DH provided in the beginning does not have a place where it specifies what to control. Am i missing something?
  2. After following instructions , i have added my remote (2 button) to the ST hub as well. Then I added it to my kitchen shade as instructed. It works good, except that it also controls another device (GE dimmer). I mentioned you on another thread as well where people have reported this issue but no one has answered if they figured it out. How can i control only my shades with the remote? Thanks

(Neal ( / #231
  1. Once you use the device handler, the button’s on the remote will be available to use in rules through smart lighting or webCore
  2. Simplest way is to re-pair the GE dimmer. Not entirely sure why it happens if I am being perfectly honest. Haven’t been able to recreate it on our end.

( #232

Hey Neal, I’ve been seeing strange behaviors with the two button remotes included with the blinds. They have started to control other Z Wave devices outside of the blinds they are paired with. Now when I use them, a dimmer in another room, or a completely random blind might change state.

Everything worked well for about 3-5 days after I got everything added to the hub.

(Neal ( / #233

That is very unusual. Are all the remotes doing that? Or just one?

(Takis) #234

Thanks Neal, did follow your device and re-paired my kitchen GE Dimmer and that did the trick… But you guys might wanna try to recreate this since the guy above me and others keep having these issues… Thanks again

( #235

Two of them actually. Both, in different rooms, seem to have been triggering dimmers. I need to run a couple of z-wave repairs maybe.

(Vinh Pham) #236

Hi Neil,

I know the fix is being worked on and coming out soon but just wanted to let you know that I managed to find a temporary workaround. It’s not a clean solution but it seems to be working for me. Hopefully this can help others that are experiencing the same lockup issue.

When I activate / deactivate each device one at a time in ST, I do not experience the lockup issue. However, I noticed that the issue arises when I am using a “Scene” with multiple shades mapped to it and SmartThings is trying to activate/deactivate ALL of the devices simultaneously; some of the shades seem to close partially and then lockup. For instance, one of my scene is titled “Eclipse” and has 10 shades mapped to it with the device state set to “Off”. I use this scene to close all my shades at once. When I activate this scene, all of the shades would start closing at the same time but a selected number of shades (and at random) would close partially and then lockup.

My fix: I created 10 individual scenes each one mapped to a shade where the device state is set to OFF. I then created a routine and then mapped the 10 scenes to that routine. When I activate the routine, it closes one shade at a time and I do not experience the lockup. I then did the same to create a routine for opening the shade. This is not a clean workaround but it gets the job done.

Looking forward to the permanent fix!


(Neal ( / #237

Thanks for the feedback.

(Neal ( / #238

Simplest workaround is repairing the dimmers. Otherwise you will have to reset the remotes and add them back again. Can you send me the model of those dimmers?

(Neal ( / #239

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@ZebraBlinds Any update on the shade stalling fix? Finally found this thread after weeks of searching and desperately want a resolution (to quote @DeveloperDavid, zero wife approval factor). I submitted the google form, looking forward to some info. Thanks! -Ryan