2016 Samsung TVs no longer compatible?

I have a 2016 KS49 SUHD Samsung TV, well two to be more precise.

Until a couple of weeks ago, the new app had a great integration with them, but they stopped working all of a sudden. The new app told me I needed a new driver, when I clicked download it told me there was a problem.

The classic app still worked fine.

Tonight I thought I’d have a better go at fixing this… I could see the TV on, and what was being watched in the new app. I removed the TV and tried to add it back, but it couldn’t be found.

Nothing I do will bring the TV back.

There are now no TVs before 2018 in the compatibility list.

Have I just had the rug pulled out from under me?

I am tagging @Brad_ST, he might can tell what is working now regarding TVs, and how should be fixed.

What phone and OS version?

Pixel 4 (XL), Android 11

smartthings app (the new one) is definitely still borked on android 11. When I click on my 2019 TV, it says it needs to download an add-on but then fails to do so… but the TV is controlable on my Android 10 phone ok

Ok, good to know. I’ll try on my wife’s iOS device when she gets home.

I’m guessing this may not account for my TV not being in the compatibility list any more though? And discovery, is that affected?

did you also try removing the Samsung account logged into the TV?

Samsung TVs have traditionally been problematic, the old app had many issues which Brad helped to sort out, most of the issues involved not being able to turn TV on after they went to standby, the issue did get resolved but since the migration I notice the old problems have resurfaced and on is no longer possible

Another problem I have found is screen sharing, using a Samsung s7, screen sharing was no issue, now using a s10 I get this option is not compatible with the TV

Even my 65" 2017 TV in the new app isn’t in the compatible list although I do have it available as a device

I’ve just tried that, didn’t seem to make any difference.

TV is on a wired connection which seemed to work to connect it previously. I’ve also tried getting the TV and my device on the same wireless network as per the instructions.

Nothing shows up :confused:

I was around when that started (and was affected). I wrote off that function as it wasn’t particularly important. For me off is way more important.

I bought these TVs just after I got the hub, specifically because they were sold with ST compatibility in their marketing, even though hardware upgrades never materialized I wasn’t that concerned, as long as they worked with ST as a thing.

That said, I know that pushing out redundancy is a hot IoT topic nowadays. Just hoping my perfectly good TVs have a bit more life in them. There is usually a bit of warning as well!

Same for me, I bought my TV because it was advertised to be St compatible, the big Smart things banner in the apps screen should have been an entrance to maybe an ST device viewer, it never happened and eventually the banner changed

I do hope that eventually our TVs will get included in the compatible list, there is no technical reason why they shouldnt

Ok, tried with iOS and no joy. I think the initial problem may have been with Android 11, but the hole I’ve got myself into seems to be bigger…

you bluetooth enabled on the phones right?

Yes, both devices BT enabled. Going to try a hub reboot next, as I’ve not tried that yet.

No joy there either.

I’ve re-added these TVs without issue in the past. No idea what’s going on, but would perhaps benefit from @Brad_ST’s input.

The issue is more than likely Android 11. There are a number of things broken in the app when running on Android 11, and they all seem related to downloading controllers. I’m unable to open up my smart lock in the app, because of this same bug. I believe this can only be fixed by Samsung pushing out an app update.

I’d recommend opening a support ticket to generate more noise on the issue.

Support ticket was opened shortly after it happened, no response as yet.

I have no doubt the original issue was down to Android 11. However I have now removed my TV to try and troubleshoot (as I wasn’t previously aware of the android 11 issues) and cannot get it back.

What is your support ticket number? I haven’t been able to find it.

Do you remember what device type the TVs showed in the IDE? The only way rebooting the hub could possibly come into play is if you were using the old Groovy integration for 2016 TVs that used the hub to discover the TV locally. Honestly I forgot that integration existed until looking into this.

Otherwise there are three ways to add a TV. The first is by logging in on the TV with your Samsung account. Factory resetting the TV and trying this method again is a troubleshooting step. The second method is automatic discovery through the ST app running on your phone. The last is by adding a new device from the device catalog in the app. I am not aware of recent changes to which devices are compatible but I do see that the US device catalog only shows 2018-2020 TVs.

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Hi Brad, thanks for the post. Good to have you here! It’s also reassuring to hear that this is probably a local issue rather than an ST policy change on what’s supported.

The ticket number is #1052086

I actually have an identical TV in another room (still connected).

I’ve tried logging in/out of the TV with my Samsung account, but that doesn’t seem to have done anything. I did think of resetting the TV, but was reluctant as it has all of the apps set up and signed in just the way we like it, and this will take time to get back to normal. I guess I just wanted to make sure I’ve tried everything else first.

From your three options, it looks like 2 is out (doesn’t work) and 3 is out because my TV is not in the device catalog. So, resetting the TV is the only thing left on the list.

I will try this and report back.



Edit to add: Device type of the other TV is ‘Samsung OCF TV’

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Ok, @Brad_ST. I tried a full reset (which wasn’t as nuclear as I’d thought), and that hasn’t done the job.

Could it be that because my TV is no longer in the catalog, that it won’t be discovered? As I said before, adding both TVs has been a cinch in the past.