Open Box MiniMotes $10.79 free S&H

Open Box MiniMotes $10.79 free S&H with code CLEAROUT10


Ordered 2 but forgot to put the code in. :confused:

Was able to order 2 more with the code and canceled the first order. Was just looking to get a couple of these so 2 for 22 ain’t bad at all! Thanks! @tommyincville

Aeon Labs Z-Wave Minimote - DSA03202-V1 - OPEN BOX
Price: $13.95 $12.56

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You save $2.79

It looks like $12.56 each with the code as of 12:50 PM EST today.

Buy a new 2-pack for $26 with code AFZWAE5

Just picked one up.

Thanks for the post.

Thanks. Picked up 2 bundles.

These things are cheap enough to keep all over the house. Use them with smart fan switches, lightswitches, hues, everything. And they can do associations and work great for excluding devices.

Echo/Google Home and/or MiniMotes. hmmmm!! Alexa, where did I set my minimote? I can’t find it.

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I’ve been digging around my nightstand digging for mine las 3 nights

Why is it an " or" ? Have 8 Echo/Dot/Tap and 5 minimotes.

RLD…so appropriate. Living the dream. Can I be you when I grow up?

I like my minimotes but the less frequently used ones are dead when I need to use them. I wish they would report battery. That and I can’t remember what I programmed to each button except for #1 is the main light for that room and #4 is ‘panic button’.

To solve the “What button do I want?” dilema, I print the button mappings on an Avery 5160 mailing label and adhere/align the label along the bottom of the minimote, on the slide out tab. Then using an exacto blade, I cut away the excess label by following the upper, curved portion of the slide out tab.

There’s some discussion on it here:

And use this new and improved DTH with an enhanced UI:

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No, 1 is room lights, 3 is panic/text family help and 4 is goodnight routine

I got mine in the mail today. Its a dud… the LED doesnt even light up when a button is pressed. Has anyone dealt with S&H for returns before?

@David_Van Have you tried charging it?


Its connected now, sorry I was a few beers deep and needed to vent… I did try charging it (that was the only way I could get the LED to light up). It turned out a simple firmware update did the trick, as soon as I updated the remotes LED’s began to respond to button presses and I was connected in no time. Thanks for the quick response @Awestun!

Long story short, update your firmware!


Just got my 4 in the mail around 30 mins ago. Thanks for that advice! :slight_smile:

YUP. use the included mini USB cord ( they don’t seem to like some other cords for whatever reason ) let it sit on computer ( overnight) to fully charge, then run the FW update program. Then you can play with it and get it included , set up.

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