01/14/2016 - is live logging working?

I’m not seeing any live logs, for anything. Anyone else running into this?

yes, and no it’s not working…
Hasn’t been all morning.

This is what I got from support earlier this morning:

As you’ve noticed, the Live Logging feature is currently not functioning for some users. This is a known issue that our development team is currently working on implementing a fix for.

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and let’s just call it what it is … “for some users” really means “live logging is currently not working for anyone”

Definitely not working for me. Really sad, I was so close to finishing my new devicetype for AV Receivers :frowning:

When it eventually returns, I hope it’s not logging time in UTC like the past logs in My Devices.


Respectfully submitted to the attention of @slagle, @jody.albritton.


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Can everyone check again and give me an update on whether or not live logging is working at the moment?

Yes… Working for me at this moment.


Yes, seems to be working.

It did work and but I can’t get it to work at all now.

I haven’t been able to use it for almost a week. It works OK for SmartApps with only a couple of preferences, but everything else hangs when I try to Set the Location.

Didn’t work for me last night or today…

Not working well today, and no Live Logging for several days now…

Same experience, not working… :frowning:

None of my devices are logging there, if I go to the devices i can see the recent open/close event.

Is this a hold over of issues from yesterday?

My live log is usually a firehose of information. I’ve had it open for a couple of minutes and haven’t seen anything come across.

Neither have I. Must be down.

Ditto, which stinks because i’m trying to figure out why my door keeps beeping!

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Yes I took off of work to get some stuff done on ST while the wife was out, and I am finding without IDE logging I am basically wasting the day.

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