Is anyone else seeing issues with logging today?

I’m working on a couple of device types and the inbound logging is slow to not working at all today. Is anyone else seeing this? Did a server fall over? Can someone wake-up the west coast and get someone to stand it back up.

Not sure if it’s related, but at about 11PM CST I had a smoke alarm test itself and returned an all clear result. Since then my Damage & Danger Dashboard section is stuck in a yellow testing status, and I’ve been receiving a reminder of this testing every hour. I’ve submitted a support ticket and am waiting for a response.

It might. I’m seeing delays in all my actions. Let us know what they say.

I am glad it is not just me. Trying to work on stuff last night and logging would either not show anything at all, or just sporadically show a few lines. I was trying to get a device handler debugged and it felt like the developer tools were fighting me every step of the way. I found that activity in the app was actually showing up. Quite infuriating when I found out that my events actually were getting through, just no output in the IDE to show it. I’m not one to rage quit, but last night… :angry:

I don’t know if it’s just logging but my devices are not reporting correct status as of last night… I have lights still on on my dashboard that are not.

Yep that is what I’m seeing. Its a bit frustrating…

Love logging has been flaky.

Other users are seeing other issues related to what staff have defined as “database cleanup” so maybe that’s part of it. Or not. :scream:

Yes this really messed me up yesterday. I was ripping apart my code trying to figure out why it was causing logging to fail. It was crazy because half of my devices were reporting to the log like crazy and the one I was working on was random.

Debugging is almost impossible on this system without reliable logging. We really need a better debugging mechanism. But I will NOT hold my breath for that one.

@JohnR do you have more than one Hub ? I was debugging on my V1 Hub while the V2 hub is also online. I am wondering if live logging gets confused when you have two locations setup.

I do have two hubs and I even moved my device from on to other to see if it would improve, It didn’t. Maybe people with two hubs are seeing the problem and others with one are not??

That is what I am wondering. I was going to try to move the device to the other hub for debugging, bummer you tried that already and it didn’t work. Did you contact support. They reply with a message that it will take a while to get back but better if they get more than one report on this issue.

I’m so glad to see this post, I thought I was going nuts. Nothing happening with my edits. Phew, not crazy… today.

The IDE debug logging is definitely missing many messages today. I wish they would show it on the status page, developer tools so we don’t all go mad before looking to see why apps aren’t logging.

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Most definitely occurring for me as well, but I only have my V2 hub on my account.

I hope this is resolved quickly as it’s really screwing with my development.

It was bad enough not having a debugging environment in ide but without logging I simply can not develop for this platform anymore. :frowning:

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Ok, I’m not alone here. Logging was always consistent till yesterday. Hopefully the staff is on it.

Logging is about the same today only catching about ever 20th message or so.

Yes, logging is still broken today. Pathetic!!

Give it a try now. My logging is rocking!! Never worked this well!! Get in and enjoy it while it last. :grinning:

Not only is my logging fantastic everything seems to be responding much quicker than before. Before what is the question wonder what they did on the back end??

yes, this puppy is running very well. Thank YOU!