Live Logging not functional

Support were unable to help with this one apart from advising to factory reset (again), so I’m wondering if anyone here has any advice.

Basically, my Live Logging in IDE has just never worked since day 1. Had a SmartThings hub v2 for about 8 months now, it works fine but my Live Logging page just sits on the below no matter what. I’ve made sure I’m on the correct shard etc, logs look fine on individual device/events pages, it’s just the Live Logging feature which doesn’t work.

Give up on SmartThings? :speak_no_evil:

Seriously, if you are definitely certain you are on the correct Shard, and this isn’t temporary, and you have at least a few devices and SmartApps running…

Then this is completely out of your control. :confounded:

SmartThings Support isn’t obligated to support Live Logging because customers aren’t even supposed to know of the IDE website, let alone need it.

I have 46 devices, according to IDE.

I’ve never seen a single event, and I’ve checked numerous times over the past few months. I figured it was something firewall related but I can’t find any documentation on what exactly to do to troubleshoot it.

I think saying that they aren’t obligated to support it is a little bit shady but I guess I’ll have to accept that as an answer… :roll_eyes:

It doesn’t work behind certain firewalls, either. Nothing populates on my work computer, but works just fine at home.

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What do you mean by “shady”?

In fact, SmartThings isn’t obligated to provide any Support (read the Terms of Use agreement), but obviously consumer rights are in play when it comes to the core functionality of the product.

But it’s an ignored fact that SmartThings doesn’t officially support any ad hoc development activities, and that includes all and any use of the IDE. In reality… Well, in reality this fact is actually true. You’ll occasionally get ad hoc support from a Forum observing engineer, but that’s not in their job description. Just like customers or developers will occasionally reach a tech support staffer who will go above and beyond their duties and scope.

Customers of SmartThings are buying a very specific limited set of features. Everything else is unsupported hacking (not forbidden hacking - just unsupported and unwarranted)… Including the Live Logging function.

Perhaps shady is the wrong word, but not providing a working feature because you don’t have to doesn’t exactly scream decent customer service. That just seems like a silly and somewhat hostile argument to make. By that logic, should nobody mention anything that isn’t working as intended if it’s related to the IDE, like, ever?

It does work. I suspect you’re either on the wrong shard or there is a firewall issue. Try a different device on your same network and an incognito window.

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I didn’t say that. Of course - the primary purpose of this Community is to get peer support for developer issues (or consumer issues that developers or other power / experienced customers are more likely to quickly resolve than SmartThings Support for whatever reason).

So I think you just misinterpreted my response…

You asked for advice on how to resolve Live Logging. Hopefully you’ll get a few more ideas here.

I’m just advising you that this might be something that (aside from a full system and Account reset) can only be diagnosed and fixed by SmartThings Support - and I’m advising you to set your expectations low for such support from them because this is outside of their scope.

And, as you are using a non-consumer feature, it’s my belief that SmartThings is on reasonable grounds to not escalate it beyond that. I’m advising all developers to not expect support from SmartThings at this time; especially since the sole person assigned to developer support recently resigned (and was in a different role during the last few months of his tenure anyway).

Not blaming you: I’m fishing for a solution to the lack of developer support from SmartThings as well as hoping for contrary evidence.

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I’ve verified I’m on the correct shard by following various instructions listed throughout the forum. I also suspect it’s a firewall issue, but I get the same results on any device on my network. It also doesn’t work when logging into IDE outside of my network, so it would seem it’s an issue with the hub communicating. I’m just not sure how to go about fixing it.

The vast majority of SmartThings processing is not on your Hub, and much of that will actually run independent of a Hub.

You can actually create a Hub-less Location (in the IDE) and, I think, drop some Virtual or Simulated Switches, and/or other Virtual / Simulated devices in it.

All of these will do at least some minimal amount of debug Live Logging. To be sure, you could even create a simple DTH or SmartApp (from template code) and be certain to put in log.debug, log.error, etc. commands in places which will definitely execute (e.g., installed()).

The simulator in the code editor also will write immediately to Live Logging.

In other words … you can do a lot of exploring & fiddling that would “obviously” force logging … just to see if something or anything manages to show up in the Live Logging.

If nothing logs, then my recommendation remains to consider wiping your entire Account (i.e., exclude all your Things, and delete your Location, have SmartThings delete your Account, and start fresh with a brand new email address or email alias ( You may need support to reset your Welcome Code so that you can join your physical Hub to that new Account.

Sadly, I think this has to be my next course of action. I’m just dreading re-pairing over 40 devices. Maybe on a rainy day!

It’s amazing what you can “force” to happen by manually creating a new (Hub-less) Location.

For example, you can force it to be on a different Shard.

  1. Go to

  2. Change the URL to any random different Shard:

  3. Go to My Locations / Add Location.

  4. You will now have a test hubless Location on an entirely different slice of the SmartThings Cloud. A slice that might not have the issue you are experiencing… maybe.

well it appears I jinxed myself. Went to check live logging for something today and its no longer working for me in Chrome (regular or incognito) or Edge

I wonder if this is Shard specific?

(Mine works fine on NA01 (i.e., graph.api original…)).

Which Shard(s) are you guys on? (Just check the URL you land on after ; or after selecting your Location under My Locations).

i’m on the OG/NA01/graph.api

and now it’s working. weirdest thing.

Samsung live logging is not working. Getting 500 internal server error.

Working for me.

What shard are you on? (i.e., what URL shows up after you login to

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Live logging is working here. Last night, ST wasn’t working for me and that made live logging appear to not be working. ST is back to functioning properly & so is logging.