Logging is not working (consistently)!

How can a person code/debug if Live Logging either doesn’t show any logs or misses part/most of them.

I’m trying to debug something tonight and live logging is hit/miss, mostly miss. It’s not even showing device events such as motion, switch, etc from sensors let alone debug/trace/info logs issued by SmartApps.

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mine is doing the same thing. Pistons are showing past due times and the log is sporadic at best

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My problem was 10s long semaphores. So, if your event isn’t showing up, wait at least 10-15 seconds before giving up, it still might show up. And BTW, still haven’t gotten an answer on that problem yet.

It looks like anything that is time to a time delay is not working right for me now. Example This rule has been working fine but now it will turn on the light with motion and when motion stops I see the countdown in Webcore then it going into pending and the counter starts counting up for a while then goes away but the light never turns off. If it use the app or alexa the light turns off


Yup, same thing I was seeing… Something is going on with WebCore tonight.

I think it is ST something where it is not reading triggered commands from apps. Smart Lighting is doing it too


Ugh… Still a problem.
Things happen, nothing shows up in the logs. It’s very random as to when it works and when it doesn’t


When I see this I simply refresh the page and then it starts working (sometimes). Seems Live Logging is a bit inconsistent these days :frowning:

Yea, I did that a couple of times. It finally kicked off, Thanks.

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