Zwave switches not showing up after being added

Recently I’ve been running into issues where some zwave switches are successfully being added to the network but not appearing in smartthings. I’m wondering if there is anyway to get them attached to a device object manually or fixing their states with smartthings.

I’ve tried adding an removing them but it still results in the same issue. I also have already reset from factory once, this issue seems to pop-up after adding lots of new z-wave devices in the same day. During the first time this happened I was able to get these devices that don’t show up in smartthings to respond to commands from another controller without assuming the primary role.

Do you have two zwave hubs on the same network? If so, and smartthings is the secondary hub, it is normal that smartthings would only be aware of the devices that were present on the zwave network at the time that the SmartThings hub itself were added to the network. It will not be aware of anything added by the other hub after that time. It’s just the way it works when a hub does not support controller shift, and smartthings does not.

To pick up the new devices, you have to remove the Smartthings hub and re-add it, and then it will be aware of all of the devices on the network at the time that it rejoins.

There are other brands of hubs, such as Ezlo/vera, which do handle this differently. But they aren’t required to by the Z wave specifications, and SmartThings does not.

The following community FAQ explains in more detail:

FAQ: Zwave Secondary Hub Basics

If I am misunderstanding, and the smartthings hub is the only hub on your Z-wave network, then that’s a different issue. :thinking:

I made sure the controller remained secondary and I added it after I started having issues to figure out what was wrong with the network. The problem starts with these ecolink switches.