Question about using SmartThings hub as a secondary Z-Wave controller

Hi, first post here, but long time home automation user. I started with X-10 more than 25 years ago and switched to Z-Wave 15 years ago when I moved to the current house. I’m using the Z-Stick as primary controller, and have my SmartThings V2 hub join its network.

When I add new devices, the only way to refresh appears to be do remove the hub from the network and add it back in. I’d done this a few times in the past and it works. Obviously, this means I lose any names I assigned, and any rules / automation I set up. Not a major problem with the relatively low number of switches and how rarely I add a device, but it does get tedious.

The reason I did it this way is because I don’t want to have to reset all the devices if the hub fails. I’m also worried about the ability to add devices that are physically far from the hub - with the Z-Stick, I can have it right next to the device I’m adding. I can also back up the ID of the Z-Stick, and clone it to another one if it fails.

I know that SmartThings do not support using it when it’s not used as the primary controller, so I’m turning to the community to see that if there’s any solution other than to remove / add, which was mentioned in earlier posts I found.

If I find out what’s the device network ID, can I add it manually with “Create Device” (using the Web Interface) and have it work? My new switches will only arrive later this week, so I can’t experiment.

Finally, are my worries unfounded? Is there a problem adding a device provided there is a route through other devices back to the hub, and is there an easy solution to replacing a failed hub?

Thank you.

No, this will not work. :disappointed_relieved: you cannot manually add a Z wave device just by editing the table. (And it would be a horrible security breach if you could.)

When the smartthings hub is used as a secondary Z wave controller, it only knows about the Z wave devices that are on the primary at the time that the smartthings hub is added to the network. That’s why it’s not aware of newer devices.

Thank you very much for your reply. I have a question regarding security in this scenario. The device and the hub are already in the same network and have the same home ID, hence adding the device by device ID should not be a security breach, isn’t that correct? Someone else wouldn’t be able to send a message to my device with a generic hub (or master controller) because the home ID is different.


What are you trying to accomplish? Maybe I can suggest alternatives!

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Hi, @Kianoosh_Karami

Thank you.

Instead of the normal setup where the SmartThings hub is the primary Z-Wave controller, I had my hub join another Z-Wave network instead.

When new devices are added, I do not see it in the hub, unless the hub leaves and joins back again.

Since that loses all the names, rooms, and automation I’ve assigned to the devices, I have to create that all over again. I’m hoping that there is a way to just have it refresh and pull in the new device. As an alternative, if I can add it in manually using the web interface, I’m OK with that too.