Zwave Switches gone bad?

Hi there,

Was hoping to get some community support with some weirdness with my ZWave Switches…

  1. I purchase two Zooz Z-Wave toggle switches. I’ve connected them up and I can pair one with Smartthings, but the other refuses to pair. I can go to exclusion mode and when I exlucde the switch, Smartthings app shows device was detected. However, the app never sees it when I try to add it. I’ve tried the three and 6-7 upward clicks multiple times and it’s never detected.

  2. More importantly, after I reconnected the power to the room, lights that were connected to another GE Z-Wave switch started flashing on and off repeatedly. I turned power off and on but same thing happens each time. The switch is toggling on and off constantly and doesn’t respond to any control. Also the switch is unavailable in Smartthings now.

Do I have two bad switches? Or is there anything else I can try?


I got home last night and the one switch I have GE Switch is doing the same thing! I was about to go but a new one thinking it’s bad. I find it odd your having the same problem. I arrived home from the football game at 130. I walked into the house and the auto on for the room activated and that’s when it started doing what your describing. Sounds like we need to contact support.

Anyone else having this issue?

I just called Jasco who said it’s a bad switch (something about capacitor gone bad). They’ll replace it if within 2 years of purchase… Guess I’ll need to buy a new one :frowning:

Still need to pair the Zooz switch.

Dude. There is no way it happened to us at the same time.

It did LOL

The Zooz switch magically appeared as soon as I typed this message too. LOL

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