Replacing a Device

Is there a way to replace a current Smartthings device with a another one (new one)? Basically, I have two devices that need to be replaced. The first device is a Smartthings arrival sensor. The battery will not completely stay in. The second device is half of a Smartthings Multipurpose sensor that fell off the door/wall, and I cannot find it. The kids probably picked it up and threw it in the trash. I would like to buy the exact same devices to replace them. However, when I set these devices up, I would like them to basically replace the mentioned items above. I have several routines and SmartApps related to the status of these devices, and I am trying to avoid going into the various settings of all the routines and SmartApps to “swap out” the devices. So I am wondering does anyone know if there is a quick way to do a device “swap/replace”?

Both devices you described are zigbee, so no. It sounds daunting but it really isn’t that bad.

Pair your new replacement device call it “XXXX new”. Then go to your old device XXXX’s smart app view - which will give you direct access to the smart apps and routines that were associated with XXXX. Then just select XXXX new and deselect XXXX. When there is nothing left in XXXX smart app view, just delete the device.

If these were zwave devices then there is a replace function.


Thanks for the quick response. I will try your method as it seems simple and straightforward. I have had to do this in the past, and from what I can remember it just took forever. But then again, I can be slow at times…lol.

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One thing I forgot to mention - don’t forget to go back and rename XXXX new to XXXX after you delete the original XXXX! lol

Fyi on this. If you don’t replace it with the same Panasonic battery that came with it, you will have problems with the battery seating properly because the lip of let’s say an Energizer isn’t the same. I know because I had the same issue. The workaround is to remove the internal device from the case and wrap a rubber band around it so that it stays in place. Been fine in mine for 3 months. That, or order Panasonic. Cheaper than having to purchase a new one.

Got it!!! Thanks

I will try this as well. Thanks!

I guess if you were replacing a hard wired in wall z wave switch with a zigbee one this might be difficult because once you connected 'XXXX New" and selected it in the old “XXXX” smart apps then how would you exclude the old switch since it will already be removed?

Just use the zwave exclude function before removing the zwave device.

Sorry if I’m asking a stupid question but the switch I have now is Z-Wave and I’m replacing it with a zigbee I was thinking I would exclude or remove the Z-Wave switch before I take it out and then add the new switch with a different name. Then add it to the smart apps the old switch was in then take the old switch out of those apps and rename the new one? I only have a few smart apps with it but I was wondering if I remove it or excluded before I take the old switch out windows apps disappear because this which was the only thing in there?

Sorry I glossed over where you said the switch was hard wired.

if the old switch is being discarded - don’t worry about excluding it at all. If you are keeping it, you can “zwave exclude it” when you rewire it at the new location.

So for your case I would complete in this order

turn power off :wink:
remove old zwave switch
install new zigbee switch
restore power
include zigbee switch
associate smart apps with the new switch and remove from the old switch
(If discarding the old switch) - force remove from ST
(If keeping the old switch) - install to the new location - rename it and run a zwave repair
Rename new switch to the label you used for the old switch - assuming you want to
Additionally you may want to force a zigbee heal since you added a new zigbee router. (to do this unplug and remove the batteries for at least 20 min then plug it back in). The heal could take two hours. You should ensure that any zigbee bulbs remain off during the heal

If you are keeping the zwave switch but installing on a different hub - you can issue the exclude command from the new hub once it is installed at the new location

hope that helps

It definitely helps. At this point I’m not sure if I’m going to reinstall the switch somewhere else but I might put it in a bedroom I’m remodeling. I figure I’m going to name the new zigbee switch the same as the old switch - “outside lights”- but I was thinking when I put the old Z-Wave switch in the bedroom would the SmartThings hub pick it up by the old name which would be the same if I hadn’t excluded it or Force removed it? I guess I could just do one starting with the capital letter in the other one without so if it did I can recognize which one it is and rename the old Z-Wave to master bedroom or something? Thanks for the help.