zWave Still not working - Schlage Locks went away and will not rejoin - it's been 6 months and still no fix

I have been dealing with ST support for the past 3 years trying to get zWave setup or the zWave repair to function properly. Was told to upgrade my version 1 hub, which I did - version 2 had the exact same issues.

Then after another suggestion I upgraded to the Smart Wifi mesh system with hub built-in - since that time (Christmas 2018) none of my door locks will connect with ST - they will exclude over and over again but they will never join the zWave even though their lights turn green and indicate that they joined - the never show up using either App.

I can have these same doorlock join zWave using Vera and no problem - they exclude and add with no issues. I even purchased new Schlage locks and the new ones will not join.

I have install ST in now 8 locations. All of them are having significant zWave issues similar to the ones I am facing and support has been completely useless. I get emails asking me to “try again” and send logs now about 8 times. Never a phone call and when asked to escalate have been completely ignored.

I cannot be the only one having zWave issues out there - can I? While I had some issues with zWave with Vera and Tuxedo, nothing compares to the lack of support and apparent incompatibilities with SmartThings.

Do anyone have any suggestions?

Do you have any custom device handlers installed? Any chance you are getting some kind of low frequency RF Interference? Any usb 3.0 cables near your ST hub?

I have 11 ST hubs (Wifi Hubs) - no RF Interference - again I can sit in the exact same place and install on a VERA or Honeywell Tuxedo Hub with no issues - the ST WIFI Hub it within 15 ft from me - and I placed the Vera next to it when I paired - There is something in my Database with SmartThings that will not allow the Join to complete - the locks blink green like they completed pairing each time and have to be excluded each time so something is happening with ST but it never completes.

At first I thought it was because they were previously joined to another ST HUB and never got fully removed but when I purchased a brand new lock and it would not pair - this disproved that hypothesis.

I went in and checked for custome device handlers and deleted the 3 pertaining to door locks and that fixed the issue - you are a genius.

Seriously almost a year with ST Support and this never was mentioned.

Thank you!!!


The issue is device handlers go “stale”. You can use them, just best practice to re-publish them shortly before pairing the device. Otherwise you get the symptoms you see: device acts like it pairs, but never a shows up in the IDE or app.


See this topic about stale DTH’s, the symptoms and how to fix them: