Zwave siren Mc help needed

Added to this driver version.
Try it if works

 Name         Z-Wave Siren Mc
 Version      2024-03-22T16:42:06.16591185
- id: 013C/0004/0084
    deviceLabel: Philio Siren
    manufacturerId: 0x013C
    productType: 0x0004
    productId: 0x0084
    deviceProfileName: philio-sound-siren

Thanks Mariano!

Sadly - I was hoppy wrongly, this siren is basically same as multi-sound siren Philio PSE02 / D-link DCH-Z510. It needs custom driver, did see the groovy version here even (DLINK DCH-Z510 Siren - #4 by nimrooz), but discontinued by the author.

Nevertheless - it is working as a z-wave switch and I`m able to configure it using your z-wave device config driver. Will see what to do later on

But it does not work with zesve siren Mc?

No, didn`t work with z-wave siren mc

I see the manual and PSE04 is very different to PSE02 and D-link DCH-Z510.
This has different command class and parameters.
It has temperature and battery.

Try if it works
You need uninstall, factory reset to defaults and re install siren to assign the new profile

 Name         Z-Wave Siren Mc
 Version      2024-04-06T16:34:45.411810847        
 - id: 013C/0004/0084
    deviceLabel: Philio Siren PSE04
    manufacturerId: 0x013C
    productType: 0x0004
    productId: 0x0084
    deviceProfileName: alarm-battery-temp-tamper

Works, thank you. On/Off, type, temp and tamper is there. Some small bug I see in events section:

“Error loading device activities/events: 500 A non-recoverable error condition occurred.”

Question, since Im missing the additional stuff there (mainly: choose alarm duration, alarm sound). Those which I see in Philio docs and which Im able to configure via your z-wave config mc driver.

Is there a way to send those parameters via some custom virtual device as a pre-req in a routine?
So before switching the siren on, send parameter 7 with value 81 for example.

Sending the parameters to change the sounds is not the method to do it.

The correct method is to set parameter 7 to the default value.

a profile would have to be made with the values of the different sounds
A subdriver would have to be written where when the alarm is turned on, instead of sending the value 0xFF, the value corresponding to each of the sounds is sent, according to the documentation.

This requires spending time that I don’t have now, in a couple of weeks, maybe I can

*Play Sound: Using the BASIC_SET or Sound_Switch_Tone_Play_Set to play the siren, BASIC_SET or Sound_Switch_Tone_Play_Set with Value 0xFF, the Sound ID will be the same as the value which was set in Configuration No.7, 0x00 will stop to play.
Basic Set (V2) or Sound Switch Tone Play Set (V1) Value Sound 0x00 Stop Play 0x01 Fire 0x02 Ambulance 0x03 Police 0x04 Alarm 0x05 Ding Dong 0x06 Beep 0xFF
Same as configuration NO.7 setting, or sound switch configuration setting


Ok, got it, thank you Mariano! Good thing it is working!

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Hi Mariano… Do we have any update on this… Thanks

Hi @CodeCrafter

The truth is that I didn’t mark it in the post and I didn’t remember anymore, I’ve been quite busy with things at home.

I’ll try to do it, but I don’t know if I’ll have time before the holidays.


Hi @nullsoul @CodeCrafter

Modified the driver to add new profile with preference to select the siren sound

- name: "sound"
  title: "Sound Type"
  description: "What sound should play for an alarm event?"
  required: false
  preferenceType: enumeration
      1 : "Fire"
      2 : "Ambulance"
      3 : "Police"
      4 : "Alarm"
      5 : "Ding Dong"
      6 : "Beep"
    default: 4

Added subdriver to handle the siren sound

This profile is selected in init lifecycle to allow works siren installed prior to this modification. If new profile does not appears after driver update then you will need exclude and include siren with this driver version.

 Name         Z-Wave Siren Mc
 Version      2024-06-22T16:32:33.719836008        
- id: 013C/0004/0084
    deviceLabel: Philio Siren PSE04
    manufacturerId: 0x013C
    productType: 0x0004
    productId: 0x0084
    deviceProfileName: philio-alarm-battery-temp-tamper

Driver will be updated automatically in 12 hours max but You can update driver immediately if you try to delete the driver, it will not let you delete it because it has paired devices, but it will update it to the latest version

Please tell me when you try it if it works well, thank you


First of all thanks a lot the quick response… Much appreciated… I see that it is working fine. I am able to select different sounds and all are working. I am attaching the screenshots of the app.

Just a reminder:

The “post requests“ topics should only have two posts about any one device: a request for a custom edge driver, and then a response linking to a new thread for that device or linking to an existing driver that will work with that device.

Detailed discussion of individual drivers, including how to set parameters with them, missing values, etc., need to go in their own topic to keep from flooding the request thread.

I have created this new topic to hold the discussion of the Zwave Siren Mc edge driver details.


Before modifying the sounds, did the battery and tamper work?

  • Tamper Report:
    When the tamper key is pressed over 5 seconds. The device will into
    the alarm state. In that state, if the tamper key be released, the device
    will unsolicited to send the report to the nodes in the group 1.

  • Timing Report:
    Beside the event triggered could report message, the device also
    support the timing unsolicited report of the status.
    ● Battery level report: Every 6 hours report once in default.

Yes… I saw the tamper and battery status before modifying the sounds

I don’t modify any of this code, and battery use the default handler

Well, try to generate the tamper event by pressing the button for 5 seconds.
I mean, wait for the battery for about 6 hours to see if the state repeats itself.

The battery status is showing up now. I will try the tamper tomorrow… But the device itself triggers alarm if there is any tampering… so I would say everything is working as expected… Once again thanks for your help :slight_smile:


See the profile changed to: “philio-alarm-battery-temp-tamper.”

New settings are now visible, will start testing in a day/two.
(as it is a loud siren, I need to re-locate my familly to a near pizza place first for two hours :blush: )

Mariano, thank you for taking this up!


Battery is reporting, tamper also (did real tampering by removing the cover).
Can choose sound types for the default alarm sound.

Mariano, is it possible to make the sound types as an action in routines also? (Along with sound volume) ?


That requires a few changes to the subdriver.
Create custom capabilities, modify profile and write the code to manage the new capabilities.

I’ll mark it so I remember in August, but I don’t guarantee I’ll have time to do it.