Zwave outlet turned off...why?

In the middle of the night the Zwave outlet that runs the fan in the bedroom turned off and I’m wondering if there’s anyway to tell where it got the command from. I checked the app and it just said the Outlet turned off at 5 a.m. I wanted to see if I could tell if the outlet thought the button on it was pushed or did the hub send a command to do it. And if the hub sent the command, why? Did it receive a command from a phone? From the minimote? Nothing serious, just curiosity.


try logging on to the IDE. – check under Devices and then events to see who/what initiated the off command.

Thanks. It said Device \ Physical under the source, so I gather that means someone or something pushed the physical button on the outlet…good to know.

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You probably don’t need this anymore, but for future people who might find this thread:

Just FYI, I had a light come on in my kids room at like 4 in the morning one time and IDE said physical when I knew for a fact nothing physically touched it. Support suggested possibly power surge caused the relay to fire. I didn’t have a method to confirm or deny but only happened once in year or so I’ve had it. So if you’re sure no one pushed it, that could be possible explanation or could just be cloud data corruption ;).


… or paranormal activity … that hates fans …


Said elf :grinning::grinning: