Unexpected on/off events and loss of communication with devices

I’m having a bit of a challenge today with my hub. Late last night, we had several random events occur, I have yet to troubleshoot all of them to their causes, but essentially several lights started turning on/off at random, our garage door opened, the mode changed, and I lost connection to 6 zwave devices.

I use almost exclusively CORE, however I do use routines and modes to a limited extent. As the mode changed to Night we got several notifications since I have several pistons that send notifications if things happen once we go to bed for the night. For example if the garage door opens, or is left open then it sends a notification if night mode is activated or already active. So when the garage door opened, we got a notification.

Once we did go to bed and ran the end of day routine, we started having lights turn on and off approximately 5 minutes later. All of these showed software as opposed to physical activations.

Once I started troubleshooting today, I noticed the 6 devices that would no longer respond. I tried hub reboots, Device resets, power interrupts (via airgap and circuit breaker) but finally had to use the replace function on all of those devices to get them to come back online.

This is a pain because I have two of these switches that aren’t readily accessible so using replace is a major headache. What causes something like this to happen? I have been ST for about a year now and have had one other episode like this that caused several unexpected things to turn on/off, but that was in the early spring of this year.

There are several different things that can cause it. Obviously local power fluctuations, but then you would see your nonnetworked lights going on and off also.

As far as SmartThings goes, sometimes there’s database corruption and sometimes there’s failure to sync with the cloud account and either can cause some of the event you saw.

I had a problem about a year ago where my doorlock would just randomly start unlocking. Support looked into it for about three weeks but we never could figure out why it was happening. They could see the events in the log, but nothing to explain them. (I eventually moved the lock to a non-smartthings zwave controller, and it had no problems then. )

Around about the same time there was another community member who posted that there were events in his account for a “dining room sensor” when he doesn’t even have a dining room. That one was obviously database corruption.

There have been a lot of different theories regarding The synchronization issues, and it may be that different things happen for different people.

Again, support may be able to see something from their side, so I would definitely report it to them.