Zwave network crashing (28 Jan 2024)

Before I really dig into fixing this… is anyone else having z-wave issues today? It seems like my mesh is crumbling before my eyes tonight.

Have you added any new devices or made any type of change? Power outage?

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This has been a thing for a while now. I don’t think they have resolved it yet…

Nothing going on like that. I had noticed several days ago that I had a light switch reporting offline even though it was still working just fine with an open/close sensor routine. I also have had my only two auxillary (no load) gocontrol switches reporting offline for quite some time. But today I noticed a significant number of zwave device added to my offline list. I decided to try a repair and it just seemed to make the list grow. I actually just tried powering off the hub and I am in the process of waiting for my zigbee devices to come back on line and it looks like some of my zwave devices are recovering as well. I’ll report back once the dust settles.

How long did you power it off? I would recommend powering it off for 20-30 minutes and remove batteries if a v2. Once you power it back up… give it time. This is a first step to try.

Just to point out… the link posted above may not be related to your issue. But there have been users reporting offline status for either w-wave or zigbee lately.

Also, login to the Advanved Web App and look at the status or your radios. I wouldn’t expect you to see anything there but check anyway.


I haven’t been able to pair new zwave devices for 3 days, but existing devices connect just fine, despite reboots, power cycles (with battery removes since v2), cutting power to other zwave mains powered devices, etc. New zwave devices just time out before ST times out (which is opposite of what I was seeing before where ST would time out before the device drops out of pairing mode) and seem to pair partially without ever showing up in ST as I can’t attempt the next pair try without excluding them. Same issue with 3 different zwave devices (Ring 2nd Gen Keypad, Aeotec Extender 7, Zooz Zen34)

I had only powered off the hub for about five minutes as I tested the AA batteries for kicks… All my devices are now reporting online except for the two auxillary gocontrol switches I mentioned earlier. The switch that had been offline for several days cleared up as well. I did go around the house pulling the airgap switch on any switch that was reporting offline after the hub reboot and reconnecting the lock batteries as I grew impatient. (It probably didn’t make a difference…but you never know if I had a rogue device in the mesh that needed a power restart.) I also removed a two plug exterior power cord device from the ST App that I only use at Christmas and is no longer plugged in, just in case.

At some point I need to look closer at those gocontrol auxillary switches. I feel like they never really migrated properly.