My smartapp loses Motion sensor's events

Hi everyone, I spend time searching this issue without success, I would appreciate your help.

Iris Motion Sensor and Cree light bulb

Simple use case:
If Motion is detected in some interval of time then Turn on light

This smartapp works 90% of the times, but in some cases the handler is not launched, but when I see Recently tab for the motion sensor in ST App, the event is displayed. I tried to use Smart Lighting smartapp without success, same problem.

I don’t know if issue is my motion sensor, but if so, why has 100% of events displayed in ST App. It’s like the motion sensor works 100% but ST fail some cases sending the event to smartapps.


For the record:
These are event logs for motion sensor, smartapps and bulb light

In the last record sensor detected motion at 4:56:11 but smartapp didn’t turn on the bulb. This worked fine in next time after I broke the cycle turning on the bulb with a voice alexa command.

Some idea @bravenel? Sorry for tagging you but I have read your solutions in other posts, I would appreciate your comments.

Just bumped into this today while working on my version of the First App. What I found is the Samsung motion sensor hardware device does not issue/trigger Inactive.

Update on July 29, 2017 15:08 EDT Today I’m receiving “inactive” from the hardware (sound of head banging into wall).

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