Zwave lock pairing best practices

I’ve got a Schlage Connect Zwave lock that I want to install on the access door to my detached garage. It’s at least two, maybe three zwave mesh hops from my hub. I know I have good mesh coverage out there, as I already have a motion sensor, a couple of contact sensors and a light switch that all work great. I’m wondering what the best practices here are.

I know I need to pair it close to the hub for the security handshake, but once I install it in the door I’ll need to “reset” the lock so it can search for the direction and travel of the deadbolt. I believe this will clear the pairing from the lock.

Is the only way to do this to run an ethernet cable out to my garage and move the hub to the installed lock?

I’m also curious if anyone else has suggestions for installing zwave locks.

Schlage is very picky in this. The Schlage models typically have to be paired in place. Which, yes, means running the ethernet cable.

See the FAQ:

If you have multiple doors, and one door is close to the hub, one option with some locks is just to keep swapping out the Z wave modules and always do the initial programming in the lock that’s physically closest to the hub. This is easy to do with the Yale module, I honestly don’t know if it works with Schlage or not.

@NorCalLights I just bench paired my Schlage Connect the other day. I couldn’t help but toggle the Locked state from the ST app so it wasn’t too happy because it ran the motor and couldn’t find the stops and reported as being jammed. After I put it in the door and reconnected the battery it was still joined and did the direction and travel search just fine.


Thanks, folks. I’ll give it a shot tomorrow.

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Make sure that the devices it is hopping through are compatible. Iris wall warts work , GE wall warts do not. The Schlage connect in my daughter’s apartment was eating up batteries. I replaced the GE lamp module with an Iris plug and it has improved 500%.