Pairing Schlage smart lock

So I just got my Schlange touchpad lock installed and I’m trying to pair it…it’ can’t find it because the lock is on the main floor and the wired internet connection, where the smartthings is, is in the basement. The instructions say it has to be within 10 feet?! Do I need to order a usb wifi extender? Do I need more “things” so the mesh network can grow? If I move my echo dot that is paired within 10 feet of the lock will that do it? Please advise! Tnx!

Because this is a secure device, the initial pairing has to be within “whisper range” of the hub so that the security key can be exchanged between the lock and hub. Once you’ve done that, you can move them apart again.

Wi-Fi isn’t going to help because the SmartThings hub doesn’t have a Wi-Fi radio in it. But you could use a Wi-Fi access point that has an ethernet port and plug the hub into that. That’s probably going to be the easiest thing in your situation.

In addition, Schlage locks are a little bit tricky to pair. See the following FAQ (this is a clickable link) and follow the instructions exactly.

But it’s a good lock and very popular and once you get it paired there’s nothing quirky about it. It’s just that first step. :sunglasses:


BTW, it would be a good idea to move the hub upstairs anyway. You’re going to have a lot of problems with your network if you leave it in the basement. The hub should be located centrally both horizontally and vertically in your house and not in a garage or basement where there’s going to be concrete and pipes and other metal objects that can limit signal.

Read post 11 in the following FAQ, and then go back and read the whole thread. It should help you avoid A lot of problems going forward. :sunglasses:

Thank you both so much…I have a wifi extender with cat 5 ports so I think I’m good to go!

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Update: I’m up and running. I actually ended up replacing the extender because my new router is set to 5gz and didn’t want to start m y mesh network on the slower 2.6. The only odd thing if sometimes it gives an “unknown” status, (especially if I’m in my house but now near it) and I can’t seem to get it to talk to the slange app…but I think that’s because it uses the same discovery code (0) Now to start thinking about what is next :slight_smile:

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Your mesh network zigbee and zwave has different radio than your wifi, also bluetooth is different protocol.
Your lock is not connecting thru your wifi at all.

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Tnx!! Ok…that makes sense…it turns out the unknown is when I close the door manually…it thinks it’s jammed (the way the doorframe is I can only make the hole so deep…not quite the full extension of the bolt) hence the unknown…when I do it electronically it knows it’s locked

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Schlage locks are particularly fussy about having a very clean bolt slide. You may need to slightly enlarge the hole.

Thanks JD, it has about as big a hole as it can (I can’t make it any longer due to a 2x4 in the way. Now I’ve run into another issue. After working fine we had a power outage that lasted about 90 minutes. Now it refuses commands from the app and has intermittently lost contact with the app altogether. I tried the replace command (not sure if I had it right) and that didn’t solve the problem. (perhaps it again has to be within 10ft of the hub?) I’m reluctant to try deleting and re-pairing as I’ve read it causes problems as it still remembers the old paring. Thoughts? I’ve also tried replacing the batteries and that did nothing…so it’s not a battery issue.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating! :disappointed_relieved: Normally a power outage wouldn’t be a problem, so I’m not sure exactly what happened. But we are where we are.

Unfortunately, Replace probably won’t work on a lock because of the need to exchange the encryption keys. So I think given that you’ve already run the replace you will likely have to exclude the lock and then start from the beginning and re-add it.

As long as you follow the instructions in the Schlage lock FAQ exactly, it should work as long as the hub is within 10 feet of the lock when you do this.

Tnx JD. It looks similar to the exclude directions provided through the app although they don’t require a total factory reset. I’m going to try that and if that doesn’t work try it with the reset (removing the batteries, etc.

UPDATE: when I moved the hub and wifi extender to do the reset, and it reconnected it, seemed to fix it. It seems that when it restarted it reconnected after the power outage the connection it established with the lock was faulty.

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Hello Roberts,

I installed a Shlage smartlock on my front door on the first floor few days ago and today I installed SmartThings hub in my living room next to my home router on Second Floor. I’m trying to pair the door lock and I see the pairing is unsuccessful.

So the initial pairing has to be done with schlage and ST be next to each other ? And the SmartThings hub still be connected to WiFI router ? Can I pair with SmartThings with LAN cable unplugged ?

Thank you

Hi Roberts,

Sorry … I have a follow up question.

Once the pairing is done , and I bring my SmartThings hub back to living room , will the SmartThings hub and Schlage door lock communicate ( around 40ft ).

Thank you