Zwave inlcusion not finishing / completed

I’m trying to include a FGS222 switch to my ST Hub (I already saw quite some people got issues with this device).

The problem is the device seems to be discoverd (according to the location/events log), but never shows up as a usable device.

After starting the inclusion (ZwStatus - Inlcude Search), the device seems to be found (ZwStatus - Device Setup / Device Inclusion / Device Configuration) followed by a ZwJoin
All fine in my opinion, but the device never pops up as a new device in the App - it keeps looking for devices.
If I push the include button again, this event shows op: “zw device: 3F, command: 2001, payload: 00”
but that’s all.
The device ID as mentioned does not show up in the device list.

I can remove the device using an exclude, in which ST confirms device 3F is excluded.
If it start the inclusion over again, the same issues happen (only the device ID is increased by 1)

I’ve tried an old FGS221 as well (which worked in a previous configuration) - and it shows the same behaviour.

Any clues on how to fix this issue?
(Module and Hub are within 10 cm from each other)

Seems to be a bigger issue, all Zwave devices won’t connect any more.
I can remove the, but a new pairing results in the same issue as with the Fibaro modules.

Somebody any clue, besides a factory reset of the hub?

There should be a status page update about this shortly, but there was an issue with joining devices in the EU rejoin that was fixed a little while ago. If you’re in that region I suggest trying to join the devices again.

doh i’ve been trying all day thinking it was something i was doing wrong. time to test again