Zwave devices don't always listen

The particular zwave devices I have do not always hear their on or off commands well. It does not seem to have a particular pattern. The fix is interesting, as I had to move all functions that I called after setting the device to on, into being called in the “on” event. And after calling for the device to come on I had to schedule a function to check to see if it was really on and if not call the on function again. Looks spaghetti to me. Almost like best effort and return on success.

Anyone have better methods?


What particular z-wave devices are you talking about? This is happening with a smartthings hub?

In this case I am using a GE Wireless Lighting Control Outdoor Module. And yes it with a SmartThings Hub.


To work around, I have a scheduled checkstatus function that refires the “On” command to the device if its state is “Off”. It will continually fire until the “On” event fires. I unschedule the checkstatus in the “On” event function code.



@twack - I have just noticed this in the last week or so. Before it worked as well as flicking the light switch on the wall - but a few nights ago I noticed my 2 sets of GE lights were not responding very well. I haven’t had time to troubleshoot any of it - and by troubleshoot I mean cycling the power on my hub and seeing if that helps - I plan to see if that might help before I put a ticket into support.

It has been just in the last week or so that it happened.

Could it be a signal issue? I have heard that being most light switches are closed inside of a metal box it is really tough on signal. Might be worth putting a repeater very close to a trouble device and see if it acts any differently.

I don’t think that’s an issue for my setup - my hub is 30ft tops from my switches (maybe 20?) - it went from really really quick - to delayed and missed commands. I’ll cycle power on my hub tonight and see if that helps it.

Yes you are right, it is about a week ago that the commands started to fail. So, last night I finally got a chance to run some zwave clinical trials (double blind with placebo… just kidding).

Anyway, here is a bit of code that I ran:
for(def index = 0;index <= 9;index++) {

The light came on and turned off three times. Then I ran the following:

for(def index = 0;index <= 18;index++) {

The light came on and turned off six times. Then I manually toggled the switch at the iPhone and it would come every third button on press.

So, after the testing, it is my final analysis that it is a sequester conspiracy. Meaning, that until all the Smart Things are fairly distributed to thing-less masses, we only get 33% of our redistributed commands executed.

Waaahaaahaaa… I’ll post the gripe up to the support group tonight.