Smartthings Hub Failure

I have a 5 node Smartthings Wifi network running IP and zWave. The central device/hub has failed hard. No power spike or outage, it just failed hard and i cannot get it to come back in anyway/method.

How do i replace this unit (i have one arriving tomorrow) and retain all the labor that goes into setting up the 50 zwave devices i had attached to it?

Is there some restore/replace feature in the smartthings app that i am not seeing?

There is no back up / restore feature at all

So when that unit died, did my entire z wave network die with it?

I ask, because I thought I had redundancy with the 5 nodes, but none of my devices are showing connected even though I have moved another unit to that location. It worked to get ip WiFi back up, but not for zwave.

Follow on - am I at a complete rebuild point on the zwave side? Is there no way to add a zwave network it and have the devices auto connect and get back online?

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Yes you will have to completely rebuild the ZWave network, unfortunately. There is no way to transfer ZWave network keys between ST hubs.

Also you will want to edit that post and remove your contact info.

Thanks Nathan and John!