Lost all Zwave devices in the front of my house

This morning I lost all communication with almost all of my Zwave devices in one part of my house. There is still one zwave switch that shows it’s connected, but I can’t control it. I also noticed my zwave deadbolt has been eating batteries this week. There’s no way that’s just coincidence. All the zigbee devices seem happy, so it’s just a Zwave problem. I’m not sure which device is breaking anything. Without a way to view the routing table I’m not sure how to find the culprit. I’ve tried to repair, but just get “Failed to update mesh info” for all the affected devices. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I do not believe you are having an isolated issue as I have the same exact thing. All the zwave devices I have seem unresponsive and the few zigbee outlets I just tested work. I believe it is a platform issue but last I saw ST was calling its issues as fixed… see https://status.smartthings.com/ - what is left there as unresolved is a whole other issue. I would email support.

EDIT - 9 MAR: Things seem to be back to normal. There were some devices that were totally dead and possibly causing mesh network issues. A 2hr blackout last night seems to have fixed things (or ST did?) as things are now seemingly back to normal.