Zwave Device Delay Help (Webcore)

I am currently using webcore to automate some lighting functions around the house and lately Ive noticed very large delays in zwave operations.

I noticed that the trigger events dont show up in ST Event Console for 3-5 seconds when delayed.
Is there any way to properly troubleshoot delays, or is 5 seconds to be expected?

Some of the logic is really simple “If switch 1 is turned on , turn on switch 2”

I have a mix of GE Zwave and GE Zwave Plus switches. (40 or so).

I’ve done Zwave repairs and reboot the Hub, doesn’t really seem to make any difference.

The delays sometimes get crazy (10+ seconds) which makes you think its just not working.

Any help troubleshooting would be appreciated.


I have bee noticing very much the same thing over the past few weeks.

Everything was working fine - all of my lighting automations were sub-1 second in terms of run time. Now a simple automation to turn of some lights and turn on light on takes up to 10 seconds to fully apply, with each successive piece taking a a couple of seconds to process. I’m using all Zwave light switches. Again, everything was running great then suddenly all started running slowly, as if it’s taking a long time to sequentially process each light off, light on process. Would love to know if something happened with the Hub firmware or something like that (FW verison 17.00012)