Webcore on another switch taking over 20seconds

Hello Everyone,
I have created a small webcore piston to do the following.
If i physically switch the bathroom fan on
then webcore will turn on the bathroom light.
So i tested it with actiontiles and there is about a 3 second delay before the bathroom light turns on
but when i physically turn on the bathroom fan switch it takes anywhere from 15seconds to 20 seconds for the light to turn on.
I had the smartthings app opened and noticed that webcore kicked in right when the smartthings app registered that i had turned on the bathroom fan switch.
So its safe to say that the delay is between the switch and the smartthings registering the action.
I guess my question is more like how can i speed this process up a little?

Best to attach an image of the piston and attach a copy of the webcore logs that are generated. Also, provide more details on the switches being used. There is also a community forum for webcore - a great place to check out.


Try to reboot your hub and do a z wave repair.

What type of switch do you have and what DTH are you using? Do you see the physical change to the fan’s switch immediately in ST? I’m trying to determine if the problem is the switch or webcore that is causing the delay. If it is webcore then post on the webcore forum. But if the problem is the switch, we need more info.

As i mentioned in my original post the delay is between the light switch and the st app. I noticed the delay while physically clicking the switch and how long it would take for the st app to show the event.
So i am confident its the delay between the switch and the st network.
so i guess i was trying to find out if that amount of delay is normal or is something wrong with my zwave network.
for information.
i have about 35 z wave wired switches so i figured as far as network wise i have enough to have a strong mesh network.

Okay, well, what type of switch is it? What DTH are you using? Have you done a zwave repair?