Zwave and zigbee delays?

Since the last firmware update, i’ve seen some nasty delays in ST. I’ve reset my hub, ran the zwave network repair, tried relocating my hub (and repairing after the move), and I am still seeing delays that range from a few seconds to 30+ seconds. These delays happen if I directly control using my iPhone app, the notification center buttons, or voice control with Alexa. I thought some of my smart apps may be the culprit, so I deleted things like the initial state SA as well as a google sheets logging SA. I was also polling devices periodically to track battery drain, so I deleted that smart app as well. I still can’t figure out what may be causing the issue.

Does anyone have any ideas? The delays seem random. Sometimes, a device will respond instantly, other times, it seems like the commands queue up, causing lights to eventually turn on, dim, turn off, turn back on, etc. Its starting to drive me crazy!

I’ve notice major ( 3-5 second) delays on my lights triggered by motion. Both Iris ZB motion detectors and GC Z-wave PIR. I’m already 3/4 of the way up the stairs before stairwell lights come on. I am already at the back door letting the dogs out before the sunroom lights come on. Sunroom seems to have the longest delay. It is GC ZW motion triggering GE ZW module . I figure it’s about time to replace battery in the PIR, since it is well over a year old and the battery level doesn’t work in ST

Random delays of this sort are very typical of ST. I’ve seen it for two years, almost daily. For me it’s very spotty, as in some days are ok, some days are bad, some rooms are ok, some rooms are bad, all with no particular pattern. My system has improved somewhat in this regard from a year ago, but there are so many other issues as to make that pretty much irrelevant. There hasn’t been a day in those two years (of the days where I cared to pay attention) where I haven’t had to intervene in some manner to make ST work right, to correct some fault or failure. Zero days reliable for me.

Any expectation – let me emphasize – ANY expectation that ST is going to function as you would want it to will be unfulfilled, ST will let you down. The reason for this is actually very simple: ST implemented the wrong architecture for the application at hand. Cloud is fine for some things, but this system is so wrongly designed as to guarantee it will never work properly.