ZWave Command SceneActivation has incorrect format for Set Command

Per edge driver documentation, st.zwave.CommandClass.SceneActivation SET has no parameters. See Scene Activation Format

This is in direct contraction to the event received from the device:

<ZwaveDevice: e0d01d4f-0bf5-4ca2-8ac9-3fc660660404 [33] (Leviton 4 Button Switch)> received Z-Wave command: {args={dimming_duration="default", scene_id=5}, cmd_class="SCENE_ACTIVATION", cmd_id="SET", dst_channels={}, encap="NONE", payload="\x05\xFF", src_channel=0, version=1}

and the old DTH format. Two parameters should be allowed: “dimming_duration” and “scene_id”.

Looked for a definitive reference on the Z-WAVE Command format on the web with no luck. This was the best that I could find:


What about Set — SmartThings Edge Device Drivers documentation?