Leviton DZ6HD Get/Set Preferences (e.g. Load Type) via Edge Driver or CLI

Previously in Groovy it was possible to use a custom Device Type Handler to view/set Z-Wave device preferences for the DZ6HD Leviton Smart Dimmer, including Load Type, Locator LED Status, etc.

Leviton DZ6HD Dimmer Manual

Not seeing any equivalent functionality for this in Edge, just the basic On/Off/Dim. Also not finding any custom Edge Drivers that would perform the same task.

Spent a while trying to send devices:commands via the CLI but can’t figure out the right syntax to set a parameter. The preferable option would be setting this via the ST app but hoping for any viable suggestions.

The CLI doesn’t know anything about what a Zwave device parameter is or would be. Its higher level than that.

There are a few community offered Edge drivers to allow you to get/set Zwave parameters manually similar to what you’re talking about in Groovy. Try this one.

To use:

  • Install the new driver
  • On the device’s “Driver” tab, change the driver to the new one you just installed.
  • You’ll be able to get/set parameters by number and data type.
  • Change your driver back to the one you were using before.
  • :fireworks:

Problem solved, thank you!!

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