ZWave-SceneActuatorConf -- Sending commands to device gives errors

Tried the following:

local SceneActuatorConf= (require "st.zwave.CommandClass.SceneActuatorConf")({ version = 1}) 
device:send(SceneActuatorConf:REPORT({dimming_duration=255, level=255, scene_ID=0}))

and received the following error in the log:

2023-01-07T20:05:44.953934872+00:00 ERROR Z-Wave Leviton 4-Button Scene Controller  Leviton 4 Button Switch thread encountered error: [string "st/dispatcher.lua"]:233: Error encountered while processing event for <ZwaveDevice: 4e5febe7-adcc-4cbc-b4eb-0c21a001b19c [32] (Leviton 4 Button Switch)>:
    arg1: driverSwitched
    arg2: table: 0x2292dd0
[string "init.lua"]:180: attempt to call a number value (method 'REPORT')

Other ZWAVE commands seem to work.

Is the command not correctly constructed?
Do we have access to the contents of the st.zwave.CommandClass files to verify that we are using the correct syntax?