[RELEASE] Zooz Smart Plug ZEN06

Great plug in Z-Wave outlet with USB ports for device charging. This thing is rock solid and a great price. It also does energy reporting and has several configuration options.

These can be picked up from thesmartesthouse.com and a few other places.


Just ordered one of these today, looking forward to testing it out.

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Is there an updated version of this DH?
The Zen06 hardly works reliably (plain on/off) with this DH

I haven’t been made aware of any firmware changes that would effect the devices functionality. I really doubt they would change anything that would affect how to turn it on/off (as it is pretty standard across Z-Wave devices). When you say that it doesn’t work, do you mean intermittently or not at all? As a test I would move it closer to the hub to see if it behaves better.

There haven’t been any firmware changes to the device, there’s only one version available. @frazered if you’re having issues with the plug’s performance, please contact our support for troubleshooting tips:

Thanks for the support Eric and The SmartHouse!

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Unfortunately, there seems to be serious issues with the Zen06 devices. I have tried 3 so far from The SmartestHouse and all three of them have turned out to be lemons. The issues range from

  1. The actual switch state is different from the LED on the device
  2. Will not respond with NO load connected or with load connected (1W, 10W, 15W) dosent matter what load, it will not work.
  3. Z Wave repairs does not work and no matter where you place them the issues persist.
  4. Flashes random colors without any load and does not respond to either the physical button or any DH switch.

I have some videos as well of the malfunctions of these devices and these could be potential fire hazards.
Example: Automation of lamps where the switch is actually ON but programmatically determined to be off in CoRE etc

Has anyone had reliable success with more than 1 of these Zen06 devices?
I am returning all three of these Zen06 devices even if I dont get a refund from the smartesthouse folks since the ON/OFF misrepresentation error freaked me out.

Man, that sounds like a bad experience. I have had one for a pretty long time and it hasn’t done any of those things for me.

I’ve got five of these little guys and they all work great … with Eric’s DTH.

Good for you guys. Mine will be on the way back to seller.
Have replaced it with Aeotec Dimmers (ZW099 ) which worked right away so I was somewhat relieved it wasn’t my config to blame with earlier Zen06 experience.
Also have scores of other GE, Aeon and Zooz switches in my network all playing nicely with each other.

So for now, the Zen06s are a distant bad dream (10s of hours wasted in making it work and downtime)


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Hi is there a way to control the usb ports on/off as well?

I was going to ask the same thing… possibly to control charging of a tablet.

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Unfortunately they are always on usb ports.

Hi, just a quick update/Review

  • Plug works perfectly
  • Usb ports not controllable (always on)
  • Pairing was quick and easy
  • Able to calculate $ costs based on your $/kwh (configurable)
  • By default lights are on, but you are also able to configure it (on/off) in the DTH
  • Does a “click” noise when turning on/off

Im am using it to power on my pc (instead of WOL)
Some motherboards allow your pc to wake automatically upon power

I approved this product :slight_smile:

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Just got one of these. It connected successfully to my hub but was not controllable with the default z-wave switch device. I installed this DH and associated the device with the DH and it still was not controllable via SmartThings but it was reporting data and manual on/off. I removed the device from SmartThings and re-added and it began working properly. Hope this helps anyone else who has trouble getting it to work properly as some have mentioned.