Reviews/Suggestions for Smart Power Strips?

In my next phase of making my house a bit more green with smart home tech, I was thinking about using smart powered strips on my entertainment systems, computer setups. Any suggested brands you would recommend?

The zooz model gets good reviews


I use the Zooz Zen20 for just that purpose. One channel controls the TV and Entertainment Amp, another controls internet connected devices (Amazon Fire, Xbox etc), and one is used to control cabinet ventilation fans via a temperature sensor inside the cabinet. In my setup I connect another 3 or 4 outlet basic hardware store power strip to each Zooz outlet to control several items off one channel, being very careful of course, to not exceed any power ratings.


I also use The zooz zen20, but one thing to be aware of is that the orientation and spacing of the sockets makes it difficult for some plugs.

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I ended up buying a pack of these for some other cases where the plug spacing is tight.
Plusmart Power Extension Cord Cable,1 Foot,Outlet Saver,3 Prong,6 Pack,Flat Plug,16AWG,UL Listed


Interesting… That is a good idea, and much better than having to buy multiple smart power strips for one location. Good advice!

Does anyone have any recommendation for a UK power strip compatible option?