Device conflicts with Zooz Zen27 and GE Switch? (Both Z wave)

General question.

I recently installed a Zooz Zen 27 to my collection of zwave devices into my Smartthings wifi hub. I also have a GE outdoor switch in my setup.

When I added the Zen 27, i noticed my GE switch went offline. I checked the zwave network ID’s in the IDE and they were different addresses. When I removed the Zen 27 switch from my devices the GE reconnected and worked fine. Even more interesting is the GE switch is local but the Zooz is cloud. Maybe that doesn’t matter.

Has anyone experience this type of behavior and if so, what did you do to resolve it?
Thanks for any help.

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How many devices?

in total?
32 total devices.

there are only 3 hard wired zwave devices. 2 zigbee sensors. The rest are vitual and cloud devices such as Ring Alarm, Echo Speaks, etc.

did you run a z-wave repair?

Yes. Several times

We haven’t seen anything like it before. The ZEN27 is now officially supported by SmartThings so it should be executed locally as well. If you’re using a handler, please remove it and try adding the switch again to see if that helps. If not, another thing to try would be excluding the GE plug, adding the Zooz switch, and only then adding the GE plug again.

If all of that fails, we recommend getting in touch with SmartThings support, they’ll have access to a detailed map of your network and will be able to identify the issue quicker.

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Thanks. I thought that too but when adding the switch under the new app without the device handler, ST adds it as a General Zwave device. I then do not have access to any of the customization for the switch. I will try removing and adding in that order and post back. Unless the Zooz integration happened within the last week. I added the switch two weeks ago.

Since the new app doesn’t support any advance setting input, you won’t have access to the settings from the new app unfortunately. You can manually change the device type from the dedicated handler to generic z-wave dimmer once you finish customizing it, the settings will not change if you switch between device types (without exclusion) so that’s another option to test it.

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