Zooz double Z-Wave, single gang switch!

Here’s some more info I wrote up on the Double Switch, multirelay and rgbw dimmer


I was hoping the second load on the double switch could handle different fan speeds…high, medium, low. Perhaps I’m just misreading the article, but it would be nice if the second load could toggle through the different fan speeds the way the pull cord on the fan works. (Similar to this GE Device: GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Fan Speed Control). Otherwise, I’m still married to using the physical pull cord to change the fan speed instead of using the switch and/or Alexa. Is this an option on the double switch, and I just missed it?

It is not an option. It is an on/off relay.

If this stitch does well, what are the chances they’ll come out with some more combos? A double on/off would be particularly useful for me!

Here is my ideal double switch… dimmer for light, multi-speed for fan: example, Lutron Dimmer/Fan Combo…if only this were Z-wave or Wifi. Can we add this as a product request for Zooz?

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