Zipato Siren wont pair after exclusion


First post so be gentle with me!

I Have a Zipato Z Wave Plus Siren (AB02ZZ.EU) that was previously paired to my V3 Hub. I removed the device from the hub but now want to paIr it again but its not playing ball.

I’ve tried both the Z Wave exclusion utility and hard resetting the siren by holding the button for 10 seconds but it still isn’t found by the hub when trying to pair.

When I check the Live Events it shows “zw removed device: 00” when running the exclusion.

I’ve tried 2 sirens and get the same problem with both (both previously paired to the hub).

I’m considering resetting the hub but have a lot of sensors and activities set up so leaving this as a last resort.

Any suggestions welcomed.

were you using any custom device handlers for them? if yes, you can try opening the device handler in IDE and click on Publish for me. there was a known issue where the device handlers could become stale preventing you from adding the devices.

may or may not resolve your issue but you can try…

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I used the default Zipato Siren option within the app but thanks for the suggestion.

Perhaps the hub update due to roll out from Tuesday may solve the problem I’m having. I see from the notes there is a bug fix for:

“Z-Wave networks not updating correctly after performing a network repair or adding/removing a device”.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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Thought I would post an update in case anyone else comes across this problem.

The hub update didn’t make any difference to my problem but I noticed from running a Z Wave repair that there were around 90 ghost devices which were created each time I tried to pair the two sirens. It seems that when I originally had them paired and then deleted them they could not then be re-paired due to the initial ghost devices they left behind.

The solution was to painstakingly make a note of all the device IDs from the Z Wave repair then create new Z Wave devices for each one in the IDE and then to force delete them in the app.

Once they were all deleted they paired immediately.