Zipato Siren: Use Doorbell Sound?

I’m trying to trigger the doorbell sound from a Zipato Zwave siren which according to the manual:

zipato siren doorbell activation

I’ve tried to use a virtual door contact to trigger the doorbell sound but up to now with no luck. Can this be achived?

Is your siren a SmartThings device? If so, can you share your automation routine?

@TAustin, the siren I’m using is this one:

I’m only getting the siren sound, I can trigger in no way the doorbell sound.

For siren sound you have to set siren parameter(s).
All parameters are described in siren’s user manual’s ADVANCED CONFIGURATION part.

You can use this driver to set parameters

I’m not using this driver. @Mariano_Colmenarejo can help with driver use.

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My problem is not with setting the parameters but with triggering the doorbell sound with the BASIC_SET command.

I responded to this comment.

Zipato has two branded sirens, a square one and a round one.

Although the product descriptions are written in a very similar way, they actually work quite differently.

The square one allows you to select the sound that you want to have played from an automation.

The round one can only play the siren sound from an automation. The only way to get the doorbell sound to play is to have another Z wave device, typically a door sensor, use zwave direct association to trigger the doorbell. You can’t trigger the doorbell sound from a routine or other automation.

There is a lot of discussion of this in the Zipato forums and people are quite frustrated by this difference, but it is how the devices are made.

The parameters will let you change which sound is played, but not how it is triggered.

Here’s the official explanation from the zipato support forum:

there are two types of Zipato Indoor siren:

  1. PH-PSE02 ( - it has multisound settings in its descriptor so it is possible to use sound types in the rule creator
  2. NE_NAS-AB02Z ( - it has multisound settings in its configuratino parameters so it is not possible to use sound types in the rule creator

So changing the parameters doesn’t help you in this case, if it is the round siren.

For further questions, it would probably be best to contact Zipato support, there really isn’t anything smartthings can do about it. :disappointed_relieved:


Is that made from the smartthings app or do you have to follow an unusual procedure?

It depends on the edge driver for the trigger device. If the author of that edge Driver included the ability to set associations, then you can probably do it there.

If they did not, then there is a specialty edge driver which is a zwave configuration tool. You temporarily assign the trigger device to that edge driver, set the associations, they are stored in the device itself, and then you change back to the regular edge driver.

Note that this only works with an actual physical z wave device which supports direct association. You can’t do it from a virtual device.

Is there a specific trigger device you would like to use to trigger the siren to play the doorbell sound? We need the exact brand and model to see what’s possible. :thinking:

I haven’t bought anything yet, I’d like to trigger the doorbell through a button.

  1. What country are you in? The device selection does vary.

  2. will the button be outdoors? If so, what’s the weather like? In particular, high and low temperatures over the year. There’s a big difference between something that will work in, say, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and something that will work in Los Angeles, California.

  3. does the button have to be battery powered or can you connect it to Mains power like a traditional doorbell button?

By the way, one of the easiest and safest ways to do this, if you’re allowed to drill through the wall, is to just use a conventional doorbell button on the outside, and have pressing it close a circuit which can be detected by a contact sensor that you have mounted inside the house. That way you don’t have to worry about weatherproofing the device with the Z wave radio, the outside can just look like a conventional doorbell so it’s intuitive for visitors, and you improve fire safety over some of the other methods.

That sounds good. Which contact sensors could do the trick?

What country are you in? This is particularly important for Z wave devices, which are often limited to a particular region.

I’m in Spain.
@JDRoberts, A push button could also do it.

Hi @Sediento just came across this thread as I’m looking to buy an indoor siren to generate an entry warning alert to remind me to turn off my alarm before my outdoor siren sounds.

I appreciate that the command to activate it only sets the alarm mode rather than doorbell one, but have you tried changing the alarm sound (parameter 5) or volume (parameter 1)? I’m trying to determine if it can be used to make a not too loud reminder rather than a loud siren!

There don’t seem to be many Z-wave devices around for this purpose otherwise, without spending lots of money.

Hi @sipuncher, I’m using the driver from @Mariano_Colmenarejo which allows you to change the parameters and the loudness.

Thanks, I just wanted to check that those parameters did work for the alarm (not the doorbell sounds) as it was a bit ambiguous from the above.

I’ll order one and try to find the least alarming alarm sound…

You have quite a few sounds to choose, even a lovely police siren. :laughing:

Hello, I have a Wink siren which seems to be a rebranded version of the Zipato siren. Previously I could use the edge version for Dome siren and it allowed me to be able to use the bell feature in routines.

Now, after Smartthings update, the Dome version will not work. I did find @Mariano_Colmenarejo edge driver, which thankfully allows the device to still show “siren”, but when I try to set up a routine I can not use the bell feature.

I understand the above discussion surrounding Zipato models, however since this was working previously with my hardware and only stopped after the Smartthings update, I think it’s not impossible.

Any guidance on setting a bell routine? Any chance the (awesome!) Mariano driver will see a further update to allow bell routines?

I was using it as an entry chime, to indicate someone had opened one of the doors in the house. Siren obviously bad for that, lol :grinning: