(EDGE Driver-Mc): Z-Wave Device Config Mc

New Update for Edge driver Z-Wave Device Config Mc:

Improvements and changes:

  • Added new profile for WAKE_UP Interval Get and Set functions

  • In devices that do not support the WAKE_UP Command Class, a message will be displayed stating that this Command Class is not supported and will not execute anything.

If the Command Class WAKE_UP is supported you can read the current value of the WakeUp interval or set a new one within the range allowed by the Zwave and device specification.

As these devices are usually asleep, both Get and Set have to be woken up manually according to the documentation.

If we select the Get or Set values and the new interval in seconds, when we wake up the device the code to sending of the Get or Set command will be executed automatically.

  • Added help instructions with steps to follow in all profiles in the Device Info capability. These instructions are shown when the profile is initialized or a refresh is performed in the App

These improvements will be added to the device config subdrivers in the Z-Wave Sensor and Child Thermostat CONFIG driver and the steps help in the Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc driver since the wake Up interval is not needed here.

This is the new driver version

 Name         Z-Wave Device Config Mc
 Version      2023-04-01T15:57:38.628606474        
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