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Zipato / Phileo PH-PSE02-EU Siren


(Stuart Buchanan) #1

I have created a custom beta device type for the Zipato PH-PSE02-EU which is a re-branded Phileo PSE02-EU Siren.

I have added buttons for the different sounds, however the on/off function will sound the Emergency Alarm only. I was going to add the sound as a preference field to be updated, however I don’t want it to set the tone permanently, i believe i can select these commands in rule machine under Expert Features and use them in Rules that way.

The device does not support changing the volume, which is a shame.

I will create a device type Tomorrow or Thursday where the default sound is selectable from the device and submit to be an officially supported device.

however this device type fits my needs better.


Chime alert - Apparently SmartThings doesn't have an answer for this?

Stuart - good work creating this - tried this out on my Siren and it didn’t seem to work. It works fine with a slightly hacked Aeon siren driver (without being able to set the other sounds though), but couldn’t get it to react to this.

Any ideas - I assume it works ok with your hardware

(David Tucker) #3

@timepilot I had the same experience as you … I wonder if perhaps the device has to be completely removed from the hub, and then re-added. I just tried updating the devicetype before.

(Stuart Buchanan) #4

I know that the Zipato Firmware has been changed. I spoke extensively with Zipato support as earlier versions of the hardware ran different firmware. In fact for the version I bought the manual was incorrect.

If yours is one of the earlier versions you could try this quickly by replacing the device type with a zwave dimmer. You can test if you can change the sound for example by changing the dimmer value to 5 which would play the door chime.

(David Tucker) #5

Thanks - I don’t have the device at the moment but I will definitely try this when I get it back.

(Stuart Buchanan) #6

Just updated the code to fix issues when using with Smart Alarm. I have also added the option to set the default sound for the siren

(Radarcg) #7

@Fuzzyligic I’m curious if this code supports the various sounds the siren claims to have (like the door charm)

(Stuart Buchanan) #8

it certainly does. You can set the default sound to one of the 5 sounds or you can use rule machines advanced features to sound any of the sounds for an action on the fly.

(Radarcg) #9

Wow quick response! So as a follow up question, the precise use cases I’d want/need is to have the following:

  1. When armed, it first sounds a tolerable “warning” sound (maybe a repeating door chirp) for a few seconds, then, if not disarmed, it screams.
  2. When disarmed, it simply chirps once or twice when a door opens

…or something like that. Just trying make the most of the alarm. Thanks!

(Stuart Buchanan) #10

This could be done via rule machine I think, you just need to have a rule that fires the door chime and then you would need another rule that evaluates time and sets a private boolean. At this moment though I haven’t had a play with this relatively new feature of rule machine so wouldn’t be best placed to advise. Maybe ask over in the thread about rule machine rule help.

(Radarcg) #11

I’m comfortable enough writing a groovy smart app for this if the device and its device handler supports it.

(Stuart Buchanan) #12

the device handler of course supports you creating a custom smartapp fot he purpose, that would be my preference too in this instance

(Matthew Freestone) #13

Just out of curiosity, have you written a groovy smart app? If so, where can I get it?


(Matthew Freestone) #14

Hi, I just tried deploying your device handler and I can now see the new features in my SmartThings app for the siren, but none of it works. If I press door chime, etc, I get no response from the siren. I updated the device handler. Any recommendations on how to get it to work?

Basically I just want to use it as a siren for Smart Alarm and a door chime anytime someone opens a door. Sorry I’m new and really ignorant at this point :slight_smile:

(Matthew Freestone) #15

So I just realized that I have the US version of the device whereas this was written for the EU version. What would I need to tweak to make it work for mine here?


(zepard) #17


what happened to the device handler ? I have troubles with mine only strobing and wanted to give it a try with yours

(Stuart Buchanan) #18

@zepard it’s now here

(Kevin) #19

That’s because you’re trying to use it with a device that’s not the Zipato/Phileo siren.

When it comes to the DTH the EU and US devices are the same.