Zigbee + Zwave Wall Switch?

My Osram and other zigbee devices have been falling g off the network. I have several Lowe’s smart plugs around the house and have followed JD’s excellent overview in wifi interference.

I am looking g to add some jasco type.smart switches around the house and was wondering if a version of that has both zwave and zigbee built in. I didn’t see any on Amazon in first look.

The only device I am aware of other than hubs that has both a Z wave radio and a zigbee is the Lowes iris pocket socket, 2nd generation. This is very popular in the community and can often be found on sale at local Lowe’s stores. Amazon also carries it, although their price is usually higher.


Note that older versions of this model may not have up-to-date firmware and that can cause a problem with repeating. I don’t recommend buying this device used or from eBay for that reason.

Also the first generation does not work with SmartThings at all. Make sure that the one you’re getting says ZHA 1.2 zigbee on the box, not just zigbee.

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I have several of them around my house but I’m still having an issue with my zigbee devices falling off they seem to only affect the osram liqufiy.

I would assume it’s a lot easier to fit z-wave and zigbee radios, plus the receptacle/switch in a wall wart form-factor than an in-wall device.

If so, probably a major reason why there isn’t really anything like that.

Many smart switches are already pushing the size limits of the electrical boxes they need to fit in.

likely the same issue as the Osram Sylvania plugs they appear to have a problem pairing correctly sometimes when they first pair they appear to be correct but do not function or log correctly. Even after you do get them functioning correctly after repeated removing and repairing but then then unplug them and plug them back in they may stop functioning correctly. usually just going into pairing mode and holding the pairing button gets them to work but may take a few attempts.
If you have routed other devices through one of these then they will fall off as well but doing the the same process will bring them back as well.
I have plugged mine into a battery back up so no power outages affect them.
it’s only been a few days will see if they stay stable.

Yes well I have Garden spots and smart plugs and the under TV lighting. Right now my garden spots are super flaky even though I have three zigbee smart plugs in direct line of them and the under TV lights keep knocking off the network which is very frustrating

To use or just to have?

That’s a zigbee device with a zwave repeater inside. Cannot use zwave to control.

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To Use…

did you pair the garden spots through the zigbee plugs? or just add the zigbee plugs after?
you can tell if you paired through the plugs if you unplug the plugs and the garden spots stop responding.

I’m not sure I follow everything is paired through the SmartThings Hub

the plugs act as repeaters/routers to extend the range of the hub so if the plugs are plugged in and then you have to pair the garden spots. They will pair through the plugs first and then automatically to the hub. but if the plugs get unplugged or moved to far away then the garden spots will fall off.

The smart plugs are in the line of the Hub and the garden spots and they haven’t dropped off

when you have the garden spots connected to the hub and working properly (responding to commands).
If you unplug the smart plugs do the garden spots stop responding to commands?
If they do then they (the signal) are going through the smart plugs.
If they continue to work normally then they are not going through the smart plugs.

If they are not going through the smart plugs
You will have to remove the garden spots from SmartThings and then with the smart plugs plugged re pair the garden spots back into smartThings. Then test them to make sure they are going through the plug

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Adding BLE is better then I can still use when my hub fails to work.